Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday 2008 Kick Off

Cope arrived home on Friday night right before midnight. He made record time getting home and only stopped twice on a 1,100 mile trip. Way to go babe! Before he got in that night I had my step brother Will and his wife Cindy over for dinner along with my Mom and Morgan.

Here is Will and Cindy reading to Ramsey:

Mom and Morgan ready to make crepes for dessert:

Today we went to brunch at the Country Club because they had Santa and we did not even have to wait in line:

Quick photo with his Daddy. We are very happy to have him home!:

I had to sit with Santa so Ramsey would not freak out but he did cry a little anyway:
Checking out the tree before brunch:

Who needs a wonderful brunch when you can have delicious crackers?:Cousin Ansley getting a balloon from Santa's helper:Nama and Ramsey:Ramsey and Papa Morgan:

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Christine said...

Looks like it is supposed to be! We got your Christmas card. Adorable!...We had to trek through 2.5 ft of snow to get it at the post office. You are not missing much up here :) I can't even imagine doing this weather w/ a kiddo. Enjoy your holiday.