Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Gatherings

The 2008 holiday season has been really fun for us so far. Even though our house has basically been a revolving door and Ramsey and I both have colds we are simply enjoying being together and getting to spend time with our families. Here are some photos of our get togethers thus far.

We had My Dad's side of the family over on Christmas Eve for lunch (Tom, Andrew, Josh, Cope, Ramsey, Me, Paige, Megan):

My Dad, My sister, Ramsey, and Me:

My Sister, Paige and he fiance Josh:My Mom and Morgan came over later that afternoon and cooked us a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner we all sat around and played Taboo and opened gifts:Ramsey's version of playing Taboo:
Reading a Christmas book with Nama:

My Aunt Pam and Uncle Ronnie also stopped by for a visit:

Umm, candy is much better with the wrapper on:

Reading his new book with Grammy in Bowdon:

My Dad and Donna gave Ramsey his very own leather club chair. He LOVES it!:
He loves it mostly because it allows his better access to his favorite things:

Is that a guilty face or what?:

We have also had Morgan's kids over on the 23rd for good food and games but for some reason I didn't snap any pictures. We have a few more events before we totally crash. I can say though, without a doubt, that having Cope around has made my Christmas as merry as it could possibly be.


KatieMGreen said...

glad yall had a great Christmas!

and i don't think i ever said... i love the new hair do :)

Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys have been enjoying the holiday season to the fullest! I'm glad you are all finally together for the holidays. Your hair looks great by the way!