Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture Post

 Play date with JT:
 Smith, Ramsey, JT, and Connor:
 Ramsey and Ty:
Sleep over:
 Bath Fun:
 Hey Ladies:
 That's Right!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Weather Day in Georgia

Wednesday was such a weird day at like 65 degrees in January. Weird! Cope had warned me that there would be bad weather that day but I am like "well we will just see" mentality.  I was home sewing about 10:30am and the text from other preschool mommies started coming in! I talked to 2 of my closest friends who's kiddos are also in the Ramsey's preschool class and they were going to get their kids early. What! It was only 10:30 and my kid stays until 2:00. Holy cow! Work at home Mom, get your act together and go get your kid. So ran strait to the car and off to Pre-K I went. I was so glad I did! The preschool was awesome and let the kids go but none of them were scared at all. They thought it was so much fun to be doing something out of the norm.
We got home safely and thank God cause 15 minutes later the town 20 minutes from us, Adairsville got totally devastated! Whole factories demolisted! Houses leveled. I am sooooo thankful!!! We have been in the process of helping out neighboring community but man it makes me grateful. You just never know what the next day will bring! Here is a few pics of Ramsey and his classmate under tables at pre-K:
 They look terrified right? :)