Friday, October 28, 2011

Annual Fall Festival at the River House

Every year my Mom and Morgan throw a fun fall festival at their River House. It begins in the afternoon with pumpkin carving, followed by games for the grand kids, a yummy dinner, lots of snacks, a hayride, and then finally dessert (yummy apple pie) and pumpkin judging. I won this year with my Yoda design pumpkin!

Ramsey doing the candy toss into the pumpkin:

Pumpkins lined up for the judging:

Yoda was the winner!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ramsey's weekend with his Grammy and Grampy

I took Ramsey to Bowdon last Friday to spend a fun weekend with His Grammy and Grampy (Cope has been a Captain Career course in Augusta) so it was so nice to have a 2 day break for myself and know Ramsey was in such loving and fun care. He had a blast! Here are some pics from his adventure:

Baking brownies with Grammy:

visiting Historical things Saturday Morning:


Tractor Driving:

Posing with a pig:

Posing with his newest and most favorite "gwirl": Juliette:

Playing with Grampy:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Bundled up and ready to go:

Ramsey and his buddy Thomas: His whole class ready to go on the Hayride!:


Class in the Maze (Ramsey is the second to the right):

Sliding through the corn maze:

Petting the baby rabbits:

Watching the ducks in their bath:

Petting another bigger bunny:

Ring Toss:

Riding the tire horses:

Posing for Mom (Crazy pic):

Ok, serious face among the pumpkins:
Ramsey, Ty, Connor, and Thomas in pumpkins:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fair with Aunt Paige

My sister (aunt Paige) took Ramsey to the fair a few weeks ago. He was so excited! Also Cope and I were excited to go on a date night ourselves while he was away. Here are some pics from his adventure:

Readey to go: In the car on the way to dinner at Chic Fil A:

Nuggets and Apple Juice. Yum! 5 minutes to play:Time to go to the fair:

Aunt Paige ad Ramsey:Riding in the Monster Trucks all by himself!:Light Sabre!:Ice Cream to top off the night!: (Banilla to be exact)On the way home:

Thanks Aunt Paige, he had a blast!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picture Post

Early morning colder weather asking for a blanket before milk and Disney channel:

Yesterday we went to a party for Ramsey's friend Sophie at Devil Rays tumbling center. It is the place Ramsey take tumbling at and the place he had his party at last year and once again this year (coming in a few weeks). It is so much fun and so easy. Ramsey had a BLAST!

Pretending this was a restaurant and he was the cook. Delivering mom a hamburger:

Serious conversation with Daddy at the top about how to get down:

This was Ramsey and his bud TY this morning at church:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Painting some Fall Decor

2 weeks ago I went on one of my favorite outings...Painting with the girls! What a fun way to spend an evening.

Pumpkin Trio Step 1:Coming along:Ta Dah!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Night Football Fun

This past Friday night we (Cope, Me, Ramsey, and our friends Heather, Stephen and their little girl Addison) headed to Gainesville to my Dad's football game. He is the head football coach for Gainesville High School. I try to take Ramsey to at least one game a year and the older he gets the more fun we have. Here are some pics from our super fun adventure:

Ramsey and Addison:

Addison and her Mommy Heather: Go Red Elephants!:

My Dad's wife Donna thought it would be fun to have the kids ride the bus the 2 miles from the school to their field downtown with the football players and coaches. They LOVED it! I was so proud of them for being so brave:

So excited to be on a real school bus:They got do get off the bus and do the elephant walk with "Pops":

Ramsey and his handsome Daddy:

Stomp Em':

Coach Pops and his biggest fan:

2 cuties ready for the game to start:

Ramsey dancing to the band:


They also got their pictures made with the cheerleaders. Ramsey just loves the "red gwirls" he has been studying this picture ever since:

Gainesville beat Oconee County 66-7. Fun game!:

He loved running around on the field after the game:

Good game Pops!
Addison and Ramsey loved "Mary Michael". Her Dad won a raffle to be assistant coach for a week and game it to his 10 year old daughter for her birthday since she loves football so much. The little kids totally thought she was a celebrity:

The whole gang:The after affects of a great time!: