Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Helpful

Ramsey is so helpful (when he wants to be of course). The part you won't see here is the tantrum he threw 2 minutes later because he wanted to shut the door and I wouldn't let him. Anyway, for the most part he is easy going and helpful. He comes running when he knows it is time to put away laundry. Usually I can just stand in the closets and he'll bring me the items. I like to teach him words, read books, etc., but teaching domestic ability is high on my priority list too. He's a quick study. Ladies, he'll be available in about 20 years!

Of course he still loves to put my undies around over his head and in this picture he is also trying to get his little legs in them too:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Creating A Monster

I think Cope and I might be creating a monster. He now LOVES to play Guitar Hero with Cope in the evenings. He gets so excited to be doing something cool with his Dad. Also, we took him down the big water slide at our neighborhood pool this weekend. It goes really fast and dumps you way out and under the water. Ramsey would giggle the whole time and come up signing and saying "more, more". He is such a brave kid. Some of the 4 and 5 year olds at our pool are scared to death of it but not our 18 month old. He is WILD and seems to be fearless at this point (good and bad thing I suppose?). Either way he has a blast. He can also tread water on his own with floaties for a few minutes at a time now. It is great because it wears it him out way more and he is totally pooped afterwards.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Very Best Days

I know many people think living is in the doing, in the events, and being on the go. For me, my best days are the ones I have time to breath. The days where I get to take a step back and just be thankful. I love the weekends, especially the ones where we don't have much to do and we find our summer weekends filled with tending the yard, washing the cars, and going to the pool. As long as the 3 of us (plus doggies) are together, not much else matters. I love our little team!

Ramsey especially loves the weekends as he gets to hang with Daddy a lot. He helps cut the grass by riding in the backpack. All week he'll go into the closet and just sit in his backpack carrier and say "Dada" so when Saturday morning finally rolls around you can imagine how thrilled he is. He also loves to help pull weeds and wash cars. Man, he'll make a great companion one day but for now I am glad he is just our little helper.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WILD Man Hair

This is what happens when you brush WILD man hair:

This is what happens when you tame WILD man hair:

Summer BOGO Sale!!!!

In case you aren't on my emailing list or don't check my business blog often (TN Link on top right of this blog) I am having a Summer BOGO Sale! All of my baby items are buy one get one 1/2 off. Stock up for your little one and upcoming baby gifts. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Head Wear

Some mornings (most mornings) when I am running late I just throw a scarf in my hair and instead of taking time to fix it. This morning Ramsey saw me putting one on and grabbed one for himself too. He seriously cracks me up. Next I'll have to teach him how to match them to his outfits. Those polka dots are totally clashing with his shirt.

At Target the other day I found this news boy hat on clarence and just had to get it. I've always thought Ramsey looked like one of those old timey News Boys with his curly hair and all. Unfortunately he hates hats at this stage unless he sees Cope in one. He only kept it on for a second but man it was a sweet second.

He made this crown (with help from Mommy) the other day at Toddler Time at our library. He has a yucky little cold today so that is the reason for his sad little face.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Silly Little Man

Ramsey seriously cracks me up. One of his latest things he has learned is to say "cheese" and smile for the camera (I think he learned this from his cousins?). Here is a picture of the smile I get when he sees the camera come out:

Here is is with Cope on Saturday morning playing Guitar Hero. He stood next to Cope with this guitar around his next for a least 20 minutes just thrilled to be doing what Daddy was doing:

In other Ramsey news, we took him to Church in town yesterday for the very first time. We've gone with Cope's parents several times but I've been nervous to take him here with care givers we don't know. It was a very cool nursery with 4 adult women, about 10 other little kids, and toys galore. We put him down in the room he looked at us and said "bye bye". They gave us a pager (very cool!) and Cope and I went to "Big Church" for the next hour. I was nervous. I watched the clock. As soon as it was over I darted to pick up what I thought would be a little boy wondering where the heck we were. Nope. He was unloading a basket full of trucks and he grabbed one to show us. I think he enjoyed himself very much and theladies said he was great and could not believe he had not been in a daycare setting before since he played so well with others. I guess he was on his best behavior? Thank God! I'm glad we tried it and hopefully we can get back next week.

dEAr dAdDy

hApPy dAdDy'S dAy!

i JUsT wANTeD tO SAy ThaNk U fUr aLL yOu dO tO MaKe mE HApPy. THanK u FOr pLAyiNg wIth mE. THanK U fOr rEAdIng tO mE. THanK yOu fOr TeaChinG mE aBout "MaN" sTuFf. THanK YoU fOr KeEpiNg MoMmy sAne. ThaNk u fOr bEinG mY bEst BuDdy. i dOn't rEmemBer YoU beiNg aWay aLL lAst YeAr bUt mOM sAyS it WAs "HarD". i aM jUsT HApPY yOu R hEre NoW.

i LOve YoU,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite Summer Outfit

So this is my favorite summer outfit on Ramsey so far...

My Mom made it for him! Yes, she is where I get my sewing skills from. I always thought these little outfits would make Ramsey look too babyish but they don't. And if they did, who cares, they look super cute and comfortable on hot summer days. My Mom made it and I appliqued it to make it extra special for him. I think it came out great and he sported it at the Country Club the other night for my Mom's birthday dinner. I'm really enjoying learning and perfecting this applique thing. I might make all Ramsey's t-shirts from now on? Ok, maybe just some? Anyway, I have added my applique t-shirts to my business blog at http://www.collectionsbytaranicole.blogspot.com/. I hope to keep adding new designs in the near future. In the meantime I'll just keep enjoying my cute little model...

Here is a random video from him wearing it the other night:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture Post

Helping Nama make mashed potatoes:

Yum, my work taste good: Having a biscuit for breakfast:

Umm, PASTA!:
A picture with his cousins Caroline and Mattie. Check out Mattie's expression.:

He is getting a bit big for it but still LOVES this swing:
Trying to brush Nama's hair with a dog brush he found on the porch:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Ramsey and I have had a long week so far. I have been very busy with sewing orders (which I love!) and Cope has been working long hours so my hands have been quite full with little WILD man. He actually has been fairly well behaved with only about 10 tantrums a day instead of 20. We have discovered lots of new ways to have fun. One of which is shoe shopping. We went into Payless yesterday and he had the time of his life. Screaming "shoes" at the top of his lungs, running wild, rearranging about 100 pairs of shoes, and trying on at least a dozen pairs of heels. He even snuck back into the stock room for a not so cool game of peek-a-boo. He is a great errand runner but I am worn slap out when we finally get home. Oh, and he is getting to be a pickier eater by the day (it also might be that his canine teeth are coming in?). Today he only wanted grated Parmesan cheese for lunch. Nothing else. Geez.We are headed strait to the pool after his nap today and hopefully we'll both get some much needed R & R. Yeah right, have you ever wrangled a 18 month old little wild boy running like a crazy man around a pool? If he wasn't so much fun I might cry from exhaustion. Also, why does it seem inevitable that as soon as I put that little swim diaper on he poops? Good Times!!!

Wordless Wednesday- Joy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bodacious Bistro

My Mom and Morgan invited Cope and I over for a wonderful 6 course dinner at their home last Saturday evening. They love to cook and never fail to make something wonderful. It was a dinner to celebrate Cope finally being home FOR GOOD! Here is the menu below:

Creamy Mushroom Soup
Cajun Beef Tenderloin on Creamy Cheese Grits w/ mushroom wine sauce
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Needless to say it was AWESOME! Thanks Mom and Morgan for the wonder dinner, wonderful atmosphere at your home, and for entertaining Ramsey so we could enjoy our dinner date.

Morgan always plays the role of "Morgeen" our gay waiter:Enjoying our appetizers:
Ramsey ready to help serve:

Fine Dining on the lake:
Ramsey joined us for dessert but preferred his BIG GULP over pie, go figure?:

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have mentioned before how much I enjoy sewing and how my little home business has really turned into a part time job. I just love that I get to stay home with Ramsey and do work I truly enjoy. Sewing is my creative outlet and I am constantly trying to expand my product lines. I know girl in town that does AWESOME applique and so I ordered a shirt for Ramsey. My mom asked me if I knew that my embroidery machine did applique too? Nope. I sometimes resist leaning new things as it seems hard and time consuming to get good at. Since I thought it would be fun to make the Ramz man some shirts I took one for the team and decided to try it. I did and it is fairly easy and so fun to see Ramsey wear his shirts. Here are some pictures of Ramsey and my lastest creations:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cousins in Town

We had a super fun day yesterday when Cope sister Julie and her crew (Derick, Mattie, and Caroline) came down for a visit. When Ramsey got up from his nap we all hit the pool for some sun and fun. Then it was back to our house where Cope's parents came down to have dinner with us. I made BBQ and just bought some sides to go with it. It was fun to all hang out. We don't get to see the Steed family (cope's sister) much because Derick is in the Air Force and they move around lots and are often far away. Luckily for us they are in GA for a summer vacation and so we ceased the opportunity to catch up and let the kiddies play together. Ramsey loves the girls and had a blast the whole day.

Here are the kids Caroline, Mattie, and Ramsey playing on the back pourch after dinner. I'm not sure why Ramsey thought it nessesary to actually climb into his sand/water table?

Covering himself in sand. Time for bath #2 of the day:

Grandparents with their Grandkids:

The crew: Derick, Julie, Caroline, Ramsey, Mattie, Me, and Cope:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

18 Month Check Up

Ramsey had his 18 month well check yesterday morning. All went very well. He is 22lbs even and still holding steady around the 10th percentile for his weight. The doc said he is right on track for his growth curve. He is once again in the 75th percentile for his height so we have one long and lean kid on our hands. She said he checked out great and developmentally is doing very well. He kept trying to get the doc to read books to him. He sees any new person as a perfect target (sucker) to read books to him nonstop. He had to get 2 shots, one in each thigh. He screamed bloody murder. The kind that breaks a mom's heart. He walked out crying and waving "bye bye" to all the nurses. Even in pain he still loves the ladies. I am so thankful for a happy, healthy, full of life little boy! Cope comes home today after having been gone on a work trip since Monday, thank you GOD! The 18 month mark has found Ramsey kicking up the tantrums a notch (or 10). When it is just Ramsey and I he totally know how to push my buttons.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Tricks

Ramsey has all sorts of new tricks up his sleeves these days.

Saturday morning he learned how to climb onto our tall bar stools:

This is usually where I can find him catching some PBS kids. Our coffee table opens up so it doubles as his toy box. He now just climbs on in and plays in it:

Ramsey learned how to do this move just yesterday morning. I was getting his oatmeal and yogurt ready when he came running over and climbed on in??? Cope and I just looked at each other. I mean should be praise him for getting into to high chair when it is time??? Should we scold him for climbing? Man this parenting stuff is hard:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Cope had drill this past weekend so Ramsey and I were on our own. My step-Sister was getting married at the Ridges Resort in Hiawassee, so off the little man and I went on our wedding weekend adventure. We had such a good time and it was by far one of my favorite weddings EVER simply because the vibe was relaxed and it all just felt easy, not forced. Ramsey was fairly well behaved. We did have a little mishap when we were walking into the wedding Ramsey veered off the path and got a hold of duck poop and wiped it all over his freshly ironed shirt. Awesome! He didn't want to sit still during the ceremony but that was no biggie since the wedding was outside we could just walk off and let him explore and I could still witness some of the wedding. Ramsey was very entertaining all weekend and wild. He wore me out. Chasing him around is fun, crazy, and intense. I think I was sweating by the end of the evening. Here are lots of pics from our latest adventure.

The Ridges Resort was AWESOME and the had a great playground and huge sandbox which of course was right up WILD mans alley:
This is the face of excitement!: He of course made "vroom" noises while steering into the great unknown:

Climbing is a must: What is a little boy without his stick?: He LOVES ducks (even though these were geese) he chased them all into the water while yelling duck noises at the top of his lungs:
Ramsey chilling with Austin and Jerry:
Now it was time to get ready for the wedding. Aunt Paige (my sister) styling Ramsey's hair:Hum, I'm not sure these will go with my outfit? I've played hard do you suppose I need some of this stuff? Where are his pants you ask? Oh, my sister AKA Aunt Paige let him play in the big bath tub and it was still wet from his bath so his pants had to be put in the dryer:All ready for the main event: This is pretty much what he did during the ceremony. Trampled the flower beds and played in the dirt: The Newly Weds.( My Dad, Donna, Megan, Tom, Andrew):No reception would be complete without the famous "Big Gulp" :
Table for two please: (we sure did miss Cope)
Clapping it out for the entrance of the bridal party at the reception:1st Dance as Mr. and Mrs. Fusco: Ramsey and I left the reception about 9pm since it was past his bedtime and he was very worn out and melting down fast. He went to sleep in the pack n play but decided he'd rather snuggle with Mom about 3am. Whatever, when we're on a trip rules are meant to be bent a little. He was a little confused when he woke up and looked a the empty pillow next to me and said "Dadda?" So cute. So yes, we both missed him but had a very fun time: