Saturday, September 29, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Day

Last Wednesday at school Ramsey's Pre-K class had "Johnny Appleseed Day". They were instrucked to wear jeans, no shoes, and pot on their heads. They cut had apple slices and made apple sauce. Fun was had by all. A pre-K class that consist of 11 WILD boys and 3 sweet girls makes for one crazy day!:

Sweet Addison:
 Apple cutting:
 So excited!:

 Proud of his apple spiral:
 The whole class:
 It was also his buddy Thomas's Birthday so they had clone trooper cookies. Ramsey was pumped!:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gainesville High School Football Game with Pops

Last Friday afternoon we traveled to Gainesville to attend my Dad's football game (He is the head coach at Gainesville High School). We got there early so Ramsey could right the bus across town with the football players to the stadium. He gets the royal treatment. Here are some pics from our adventure:
Getting off the school bus and walking into the stadium with the coaches and players:
 Playing with his friend Mary Michael:
 Ready to walk across the street with Daddy to go grab some dinner before the game:
 Reading a Lego magazine with Tom: (my step-Brother-In-Law)

 All of us after the game: Cope, Me, Donna, Ramsey, Dad, Tom, Megan, and baby Fusco dues in 4 weeks!:
 Telling Pops "Good Game":
 Playing on the sideline during the game with Mary Michael:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ramsey's First UGA Game

Cope and I took Ramsey to his first UGA game this past Saturday. Unfortunately it was a late game and kick off wasn't until 7:45pm but we had tickets so we were excited to go. Everything we really smoothly which was awesome considering the large crowds on game days. We parked, had a quick snack, and then met up with some friends for a quick hello and then we walked to the stadium. It was great game and UGA beat Vanderbilt bad! Ramsey seemed to enjoy it but did get tired and mid game. I am hoping to get him to an afternoon game next year and experience some tailgating and playtime before the game. Hope we have started a tradition he will only enjoy more and more as he gets older. Go Dawgs!

Snack at the car before walking to downtown:
 Ramsey took this picture of us:
 My guys:
 Walking to the stadium:
 The UGA arches:
 Go Dawgs!

 Our trio:

Long Day!:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer Saturdays

Ramsey is enjoying fall soccer so much. He has some of his best school buddies on his team so they always have a blast. Ramsey is doing great and he seems to really understand the game for the most part. He usually scores 3 or 4 goals each game. He and his buds pretend they are star wars characters and they "battle" the other team.
 Star wars poses:
 Grammy and Grampy came down to watch last Saturday:
 After soccer we went to a local festival and met up with his buddy Ty:
 He also found his buddy Thomas and these two had a blast at the sword store:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picture Post

Dressed and Ready for our first UGA game of the season:

 Last weekend my friends and I went to Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone mountain and ran into this little beauty at the gas station. It is pennies all over this car. Ghetto!
 Kobey and Ramsey at the Laser Show:
 Yellow Daisy with Good friends:
 Silly Boy with foam soap in the tub:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fair Comes to Town!

A few weeks ago the fair came to town for our annual "Pioneer Days". We went on the first night with our friends the Whitton Family. It was actually a really fun time and the kiddos loved it. We did have spend over $50 with nothing but smiles to show for it (oh and a funnel cake in our tummies :) but it was worth it! Here are some pics from the evening:


 Boats (they were looking for pirates):
 Ramsey and Connor:
 Cute couple :)
 Fun House:

 Playing a baseball throwing game:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Apple Pops at Pre-K

Each Friday Ramsey's class has a special Friday activity to honor the letter of the week. This weeks letter was A so today they made Apple Pops. The were melon ball size apple bites on a toothpick dipped in butterscotch dip. Yummy! Mommies are invited in to help with any fun activity so I got to join in the action. Here are a few pics from the morning:

The classroom:
 Their teacher made each of them chef hats and aprons for cooking days:
 Ramsey and his buds, Roman and JT:
 His other crazy buddies:
 Sweet boy loving school:
 He loved the apple pops and ate until time was up:
 Sweet Addison: