Monday, September 24, 2012

Ramsey's First UGA Game

Cope and I took Ramsey to his first UGA game this past Saturday. Unfortunately it was a late game and kick off wasn't until 7:45pm but we had tickets so we were excited to go. Everything we really smoothly which was awesome considering the large crowds on game days. We parked, had a quick snack, and then met up with some friends for a quick hello and then we walked to the stadium. It was great game and UGA beat Vanderbilt bad! Ramsey seemed to enjoy it but did get tired and mid game. I am hoping to get him to an afternoon game next year and experience some tailgating and playtime before the game. Hope we have started a tradition he will only enjoy more and more as he gets older. Go Dawgs!

Snack at the car before walking to downtown:
 Ramsey took this picture of us:
 My guys:
 Walking to the stadium:
 The UGA arches:
 Go Dawgs!

 Our trio:

Long Day!:

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