Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bean Bag Boy

Cope got a Wii for Christmas along with Rock Band so we set it up in the entertainment area in the playroom on our old TV. We haven't had any seating so Cope and I thought bean bag chairs would be the perfect option for a play room. I found some cool UGA ones in Calhoun the other day and they work perfectly. Last night Cope and I we're up there with Ramsey and we we're all playing in the floor. Cope and I we're talking about what we were wanting for dinner when we turned around to find Ramsey just chillin in one of the bean bags and watching the TV. I mean he was seriously lounging. We were laughing so hard but I had the camera close so I snapped a few pics of our little funny man.

We decided to stay in to ring in the 2009 New Year. We put Ramsey to bed, ordered Chinese, and watched a funny movie. I laugh thinking about our previous New years together and how going out was our main focus but after having been apart so long staying in this year seemed very appropriate and very enjoyable.

Wordless Wednesday- Feeling Better

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ear Infection...Take Two

Ramsey slept a little later than usual this morning so I was hopeful when I went to get him in his crib that he would be well rested and all smiles. Nope. He was fussy and his nose was caked with snot. He ate a good breakfast but was FUSSY and wanted to be held and cuddled constantly. Humm... We thought we would just see how the day went but we both had a suspicion he had an ear infection since his only previous one followed a cold like he has now. I sure wish the pediatrician office had a drive thru ear check. Since they don't, we went on in and sure enough he has ear infections in both ears and a very red throat. So he got the bubble gum medicine and we're giving him some meds for the fever as well. At least this time around I know better that the meds tear his booty up and giving him those meds is like wrestling a WILD beast. He is already seemingly feeling better so fingers crossed he's on the mend.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picnic Anyone?

My Mom and Morgan gave Ramsey a picnic table for Christmas and when they were over for dinner the other night we decided to put it together (well Cope put it together :) .
Ramsey helping Daddy put it together:

Trying out the seating even before Cope had it put together:
Having his first official picnic:
Table top seating is a great option too:

He thought it was really funny when I sat down with him. I barely fit:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Gatherings

The 2008 holiday season has been really fun for us so far. Even though our house has basically been a revolving door and Ramsey and I both have colds we are simply enjoying being together and getting to spend time with our families. Here are some photos of our get togethers thus far.

We had My Dad's side of the family over on Christmas Eve for lunch (Tom, Andrew, Josh, Cope, Ramsey, Me, Paige, Megan):

My Dad, My sister, Ramsey, and Me:

My Sister, Paige and he fiance Josh:My Mom and Morgan came over later that afternoon and cooked us a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner we all sat around and played Taboo and opened gifts:Ramsey's version of playing Taboo:
Reading a Christmas book with Nama:

My Aunt Pam and Uncle Ronnie also stopped by for a visit:

Umm, candy is much better with the wrapper on:

Reading his new book with Grammy in Bowdon:

My Dad and Donna gave Ramsey his very own leather club chair. He LOVES it!:
He loves it mostly because it allows his better access to his favorite things:

Is that a guilty face or what?:

We have also had Morgan's kids over on the 23rd for good food and games but for some reason I didn't snap any pictures. We have a few more events before we totally crash. I can say though, without a doubt, that having Cope around has made my Christmas as merry as it could possibly be.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas morning with Ramsey. It is so much fun to have a child and see them experience all the magic of Christmas. I know Ramsey doesn't get it this year that Santa is the one that brings the presents and all but he didn't seem to care and was just thrilled to have all sorts of new toys laid out before him as soon as he woke up.

Santa must have enjoyed the snack we left out for him: Man that Santa guy knows how to treat a little boy:He loves his new 4-Wheeler and can even get on and make it go by pushing the power pedal himself, but he needs some work on his streering skills:He also loved his alphabet train:
Daddy helping him get going:

Catching some rest on the way to Grammy and Grampy's after a fun morning:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Before the Parties

Cope and I have decided to host about 5 different parties at our home over the holidays this year. Since we know things will be crazy in the coming days we took yesterday to just chill. We bundled Mr. Ramsey up tight and we all (including Sage and Bentley) strolled up to our neighborhood playground for a few minutes of outdoor fun. I say a few minutes because it was so stinkin cold we could only stand it for a few minutes but we all needed the fresh air. Now we are ready for the festivities to resume. I am so excited about Christmas this year and having Ramsey in our lives makes the magic of Christmas a million times more special. Also, having Cope home this year and not in Iraq is about the best gift a girl could get!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday 2008 Kick Off

Cope arrived home on Friday night right before midnight. He made record time getting home and only stopped twice on a 1,100 mile trip. Way to go babe! Before he got in that night I had my step brother Will and his wife Cindy over for dinner along with my Mom and Morgan.

Here is Will and Cindy reading to Ramsey:

Mom and Morgan ready to make crepes for dessert:

Today we went to brunch at the Country Club because they had Santa and we did not even have to wait in line:

Quick photo with his Daddy. We are very happy to have him home!:

I had to sit with Santa so Ramsey would not freak out but he did cry a little anyway:
Checking out the tree before brunch:

Who needs a wonderful brunch when you can have delicious crackers?:Cousin Ansley getting a balloon from Santa's helper:Nama and Ramsey:Ramsey and Papa Morgan:

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Christmas Gift Is On The Way!

Yep, Cope is headed to Georgia at this very moment and he will be home almost an entire month!!! Can I get an Amen? Iam very excited that we will be spending the holidays as a family this year. We have plans to meet up with lots of old buddies and have lots of get togethers at our new house. You all know I love blogging but might be slacking off a bit in the coming weeks. Cope has to drive 16 hours and 1,100 miles from NY to GA but after nearly 18 months we will finally be a two car family once again.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uppercase Living

A neighbor friend of mine invited to an Uppercase Living party at her house. I had never heard of such but being neighborly and all I went. The company sells sayings and letters for your home decor. I thought it was very weird at first but soon as I saw a demo I was hooked. Sign me up! You can put the sayings right onto your wall or any other item of choice and it will peel off whenever you get tired of it with ease. Very Cool! I ended up buying 3 items and getting one for free. As soon as my products came in I went strait to work putting them around the house. Here are a few of my creations:

They do have a website but I think you have to have a party in your home to get the full grasp of what it is all about. I'm thinking of having a party after the New Year if anyone is interested in this stuff let me know. You can seriously make anything from candle holders to nursery decor.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Climber

As I have mentioned before, Ramsey LOVES to climb. He also loves to get inside of his toys boxes and any other tight spaces he can find. He truly never fails to make me laugh with every new exploration.

Wordless Wednesday- Curls

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Ramsey Go!

Ramsey is taking more and more steps on his own lately. I'd say he has done up to 8 or 9 steps at one time so far. I just find it incredible. Here area few videos from today. They are sort of hard to capture because I just never know when he is going to go for it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best of 2008

I've always wanted to do a list about my favorite things for that year but never had the forum to do so. Well, just another reason to love blogging. Try doing your own list of copying from mine. It is just a good way to reflect a little.

2008 Favorite List

1) Favorite evening TV show: The Office
2) Favorite store: Publix and Target
3)Favorite Movie: Night In Rodanthe
4)Person (other than family) your most grateful for this year: Pediatrician
5) Favorite song: Jason Miraz-I'm Yours
6)Favorite baby product (for those with kids of course): Baby Video Monitor
7) Best Party/ Get Together: Ramsey's 1st Birthday. Cope was finally home from Iraq and it was our first party in our new house
8)Favorite new technology discovery: Blogging and making blog books at
9)Favorite new thing learned about your spouse (or significant other): Cope is braver and stronger than I will ever be and even when I am at my whits end he can calm me down no matter how far away he is.
10)Favorite Day: The day Cope layed eyes on his son for the first time at the Atlanta airport. Ramsey was 6 months old.

Best Part of 2008: Watching Ramsey grow from a tiny baby into an active and loving little boy, Cope coming home safely from Iraq after 14 LONG months, and buying our first home and loving it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Nights...What happend?

My Friday evening consisted of putting Ramsey to bed by 8:00pm, watching the E True Hollywood Story of Clay Aiken, and falling asleep by 9:30. Now if I were really daring I would have stayed up until 10:00 for my favorite 20/20. I laugh to myself because my Friday evenings are so different then before we had a child. Cope and I would most often go out to dinner and meet up with friends and stay out fairly late. I occasionally miss that but being in my warm house and putting my little wonder boy to bed is very rewarding after a long day. Even though my life is not very glamorous I have truly never been more satisfied in my entire life.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cha Cha Changes

On Monday we had Ramsey's 1 year check up and the Doc said to switch him to whole milk and take the bottle away. I said "Ok" but thought yeah right, you don't live with me and see the persistence of my child lately. So Monday afternoon I mixed half formula and half whole milk in his bottle and he didn't seem to mind one bit. So I decided Tuesday morning I would try his first bottle of the day with only whole milk and he took all of it, no problem. So we're off Formula completely!

Next challenge, wein him off bottle. So I knew he would take juice out of a sippee cup and I thought we'll I'll just put milk in it instead and he should jump on it. Nope. He obviously likes being held and wants me to still hold his bottle. I dropped one bottle feeding yesterday but he just held out for that nighttime bottle and refused his sippee cup.

I decided after much tossing and turning and pep talks from Cope (over the phone),and a call to the nurse at my pediatrician this morning. We decided that cold turkey method is really the only way to go with a strong willed child like Ramsey. So I put on my "brave hat" today and prepared for battle. It was so hard to see Ramsey frustrated and obviously hungry/thirsty and not fix it for him. He refused the sippee cup ALL day. I invited my mom and Morgan over for dinner and after Ramsey ate some pizza (and cried a lot) he picked up his cup and guzzled the whole thing. I refilled it immediately and again he drained it. I had tears in my eyes just because I was so proud of him. I know these next few days will probably continue to be hard on us both as we transition from a routine we've had for a year now. As I tell Ramsey, I also remind myself, "change is hard, but necessary".
I needed a change myself so yesterday I went to my friends salon "Cha Cha Salon" and we chopped it off. I do this every few years just so I don't stay stuck for too long. I think I'll enjoy the change for now:

Random Picture Post

Ramsey sharing juice with his buddy:

Hello Daddy. How many more days till you come see me?:

Showing off his new doggie sweater from the Grammiers:

He loves playing in the bed of Daddy's new truck:

The littlest elf:

Snack time after his nap:

His favorite thing lately is to get into his toy box AKA coffee table and drop everything out and say "uh oh" each time.: