Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ear Infection...Take Two

Ramsey slept a little later than usual this morning so I was hopeful when I went to get him in his crib that he would be well rested and all smiles. Nope. He was fussy and his nose was caked with snot. He ate a good breakfast but was FUSSY and wanted to be held and cuddled constantly. Humm... We thought we would just see how the day went but we both had a suspicion he had an ear infection since his only previous one followed a cold like he has now. I sure wish the pediatrician office had a drive thru ear check. Since they don't, we went on in and sure enough he has ear infections in both ears and a very red throat. So he got the bubble gum medicine and we're giving him some meds for the fever as well. At least this time around I know better that the meds tear his booty up and giving him those meds is like wrestling a WILD beast. He is already seemingly feeling better so fingers crossed he's on the mend.


Lindsey said...

You know I feel your pain. Here's hoping Ramsey is a-okay very soon!

Julie said...

Give him a smooch from Aunt Julie...preferably AFTER you have removed the caked snot from his nose :)

Warren T said...

i'm so sorry ramsey wasn't feeling well and that you couldn't make it to join us tonight! we had a good, time, and wish you could've joined your sister!

Anonymous said...

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