Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Celebration at Megan and Toms

Last Friday we went to Lawrenceville to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and Donna and Megan (Donna's daughter) and Tom (Megan's husband). Again, I could call them my step-sister and step-brother-in-law but they are more like friends and since we didn't grow up together I prefer to think of them as good quality friends who we always enjoy spending time with. Megan and Tom hosted at the fabulous house in Lawrenceville. We had a wonderful dinner that made by Tom. He's a great cook! The night was super fun and it is always just relaxing and easy to be around them.

Megan, Tom, and Harper the Bulldog: Megan, Paige (my sister), and Me:

Dad and Donna:

Dad and Ramsey. Dad had back surgery 2 weeks earlier (the second back surgery in 3 years) so he couldn't pick Ramsey up but still made him laugh:Donna, Dad, and Ramsey:Ramsey's Lego helicopter from Dad and Donna. He was stoked!:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little Boy Christmas Exchange

Ramsey had a great group of little boy friends, some from pre-school and some from church. All of us mommies are good friends too so each Christmas we get the little boys together to exchange old toys they don't play with anymore. There are actually about 8 little boys in our group but we had to reschedule the original date (since I offered to host) due to Ramsey having pink eye and an ear infection. Unfortunately some of the little boys couldn't make it but we still had a blast.

Colin, Ramsey, Ty, and Kobey:

Opening a Thomas DVD:

Posing for the mommies:

Such sweet boys:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had an awesome Christmas here at the Rowell house. Santa was certainly good to our little guy. Here is the plate Ramsey made to leave out for Santa. Guess he thinks Santa likes sugar?:

Santa Loot. Can you tell there was a lego theme this year?:

View from stairs:
We finally woke Ramsey up at 6:45 because Cope and I were so excited to see his reaction. He usually gets up by 6:30 but darn if he wasn't snoozing Christmas morning:

Checking out the goods:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brunch with Akins

Last Saturday morning we had our annual Christmas celebration with Mom and Morgan and all their kids and grand kids. My sister, Paige hosted at her apartment which was super fun and each year it gets a little more WILD as the kids get bigger and more are added. I sort of love the chaos and the Christmas magic kiddos bring to the party. Here are Ramsey and Connor being big buddies:

Sweet Sophia (she's going to be a big sister in march!): Some of us at Paige's dining table:

Paige explaining the White Elephant swap rules:
Our whole crew with Will as a cardboard cut-out. He is in the navy and out at sea until Feb.:

So happy to see Cindy and hate that Will wasn't there but was in spirit:

The kiddos with Uncle Will:

Ramsey and Connor playing Star Wars:

Me and my hubby. Love him so much!:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ramsey's Preschool Christmas Program

Ramsey's pre-k had their annual Christmas program last Friday. It is always super cute and the kids are so excited to sing for their parents. Each time it just reminds me of how much Ramsey is growing up. My Mom, Morgan, Paige (my sister), Jim, and Judy (cope's parents) came. Yep, we have our ow little fan section. Ramsey seemed less then excited at this performance and mostly just yawned the whole time.

Picture by the tree after the performance:

Next it was on to the classroom for a party: They decorated gingerbread men and had tons of snacks and sweets:

I love sugar!:

The class each brought a book to exchange with each other. Ramsey got a cool super hero book. He was excited!:

Now he is out of school for 2 whole weeks. Such a blessing to get full days with him but pray my sanity holds up for the long haul :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Brunch with Santa

Yesterday we had our annual brunch with Santa at our local Country Club. Ramsey and I had talked lots about Santa and how he should act like a big boy an not be scared so Santa would know how serious he was about wanting Big Boy Legos for Christmas this year. He got all dressed up and we were ready to go see the big man:

We met up with his cousins (actually step cousins but I hate that word "Step"-it tends to be, little the relationship) Ansley, Connor, Sophia, their parents and my Mom and Morgan. :
We also saw some of his favorite friends Kaden and Kendall:

Cute boy pose of Kaden and Ramsey:

Ramsey was timid at first but after about 30 seconds he hoped in Santa's lap and showed him his list:

Best Buddies:Santa and Sophia:Santa with Connor and Ansley:Connor and Ramsey playing around after brunch. It was also a celebration of Ansley's Birthday which was the 7th.:Later that Day we went to a small theater in Downtown Cartersville to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever":Ramsey was by far the littlest kid there but he did great and claimed to "love it!":Ansley and Ramsey after the show:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Picture Post

Our Bulldog Sage holding hands with Grampy at Thanksgiving:

Ramsey reading with Nama and Papa after dinner:Ready for the parade downtown with his buddies Ty, Addison, and Emma Grace: Buddy Ty on the sidewalk waiting for the parade:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ramsey is 4!!!!

Our little WILD man turned 4 this past Sunday on December 4th. Here are a few pictures from his celebrations:

Cupcakes for his school party

Breakfast at Cracker Barell with Mom and Dad:Posing with Daddy:That afternoon we went to see Happy Feet with out friends Katie, Kaden, and Kendall: He had to pose in the star wars thing that the movie theatre had on display:After the movie we went to LaParilla for a fun dinner where they sang to our Birthday Boy:He's 4!!:Best Buddies-Ramsey and Kaden:Opening a gift from aunt Paige:Sooo Excited!:ohh, the Lego Bank!-Thanks Aunt Paige (Guess who got to put it together the next day?)