Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ramsey's Preschool Christmas Program

Ramsey's pre-k had their annual Christmas program last Friday. It is always super cute and the kids are so excited to sing for their parents. Each time it just reminds me of how much Ramsey is growing up. My Mom, Morgan, Paige (my sister), Jim, and Judy (cope's parents) came. Yep, we have our ow little fan section. Ramsey seemed less then excited at this performance and mostly just yawned the whole time.

Picture by the tree after the performance:

Next it was on to the classroom for a party: They decorated gingerbread men and had tons of snacks and sweets:

I love sugar!:

The class each brought a book to exchange with each other. Ramsey got a cool super hero book. He was excited!:

Now he is out of school for 2 whole weeks. Such a blessing to get full days with him but pray my sanity holds up for the long haul :)

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