Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Boy And His Dog

Ramsey LOVES to hide in the dogs kennels even if they are occupied by them at the time. Here he is with Sage. I often find my shoes under Sage's kennel blankets because Ramsey loves to go through my shoe basket and give them to the dogs. Poor Sage, what has happened to her only child life? Answer: Bentley (other Dog) and Ramsey. I sure am thankful they are so sweet and accepting of the WILD man.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pool Fun

We finally made it to our neighborhood pool this past week. I scheduled a play date so Ramsey would have more fun then just his boring ole Mom. We all had a great time, got some good sun, and were wiped out by the end of the day. Ramsey enjoyed the fountains the most and let me put him under water several times without even fussing. He also liked to jump/fall into the water toward me. Cope and I are planning to take him again this afternoon. We gotta get cracking on pool time to get our monies worth out of the HOA dues. Just Kidding (not really, but) we love our neighborhood and are thankful to have such a nice, fun place to spend summer afternoons.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Many Faces

Some of the many faces of Ramsey:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dave And Busters

Monday Cope and I took Ramsey to Dave and Busters to meet up with our friend Elic and his new wife Sandyn. We had a good dinner and then it was off to the game room to play. Ramsey was fascinated with all the lights and sounds. It was a little much for a toddler if you ask me but he seemed to love it. He enjoyed mostly pretending to play the games and I even let him try throwing a ski ball or two but he ended up throwing them in the other peoples lanes. Anyway, we had a good time and Ramsey was wiped out when we left. We brought his PJ's so he could fall asleep on the way home, which was the video from yesterday. Elic and his wife are about to move since Elic is joining the FBI shortly. It was great to see them and see Elic so happy. We wish you guys lots of luck in your new adventure!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What What !!!

Cope got a job! Yeah I am so thrilled for him and for us as a family. He finished his active duty commitment to the Army in march and has since been home and job searching. With the economy the way it is I can say there we're moments of panic but when one of us got nervous or stressed about it we'd pick each other up and move forward. It is so crazy that experienced army men who have served there country overseas (twice!) have trouble finding a career in the civillan world. My heart would hurt for him as I watched him interview and not get a call back. He is one of the most capable people I know and if I was an employer I would definitely want him on my team. Cope is one of those guys you just want to be your best around. Anyway, fast forward he is now working for the GA National Guard full time. The pay is great, the hours are great, since it is a government job the holidays are great! The only downside at this point is that is in Decatur (an hour from our house in Cartersville) so time will tell what we'll choose to do in the future but for now we are so grateful and feel like we have won the lottery. We have!

In other news, we had a very busy and fun weekend. We worked outside some on Saturday and on Sunday Cope's parents came to babysit Ramsey at our house overnight so Cope and I could attend a Braves game with our friends and have a night out on the town. Let's just say we had a great night and I am still exhausted from the adventure. Cope is at his first day of work today and I'm working on getting into a routine with just Ramsey and I during the days now. So far, so good.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Dinner in Bowdon

Cope, Ramsey and I took an afternoon trip to Bowdon yesterday to go to one of our favorite fish places for dinner with Cope's parents. Here are just a few photos from the afternoon:

Ramsey modeling the curlers Grammy put in his hair:He hated them but appeased me for a moment so I could snap a few pictures:Watching the "fish" at Captain Billy's:Playing outside while we waited for Grampy to pay the check. Thanks again for dinner. It was great!:Yah...What is a little boy without a stick?:
Headed for home. He got this stuffed doggie from Aunt Jennifer's yard sale. Thanks Aunt Jennifer he loved it! He snuggled it all the way home:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning to sign "please"

I love being a Mommy but the one thing I have trouble with still is the whining. I know it is all part of development and learning to communicate but I plead/encourage Ramsey to use words and manners. The latest sign he has learned is the one for "please". It is basically supposed to be rubbing your hand in circle at your chest but Ramsey has taken it to a full belly rub. Whatever, he has manners, or at least we're working on it. Oh, and check out that poked out bottom lip in the video. This kid totally knows how to work me.

*Note: That is not a motor in the background of this video, it is our French Bulldog, Bentley. That is just how he breaths. Pitiful huh? Oh, and he snores even louder. Needless to say he sleeps in the closet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cope

Today is Cope's 29th Birthday!!! Ramsey and I are thrilled he is home this year to celebrate it with us and not in a war zone 6,000 miles away. We are planning on going bowling later today (our favorite couple activity) and then meeting up with some family at On The Border for dinner and cake. The big celebration is this coming weekend when we are going to the Braves game and out on the town with some other friends. No, actually the BIG celebration is just having Cope home to celebrate with. Yeah! Happy Birthday babe!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mr. Independent

Mr. Ramsey just cracks us up with the things he picks up and demonstrates daily. Here is a little video clip of him blowing his nose. He thinks it is so funny when he does it by himself but God forbid I try to wipe his snotty nose he screams bloody murder. Go Figure???

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Umm, The Taste Of Summer

We all have our favorite things about summer and by far one of my Mom and Morgan's favorite is watermelon. There is hardly a day in the summer you can't find a cut up bowl of it in the fridge and another whole one in waiting. We went over to their home last night for dinner and watermelon steaks were on the menu for dessert. Ramsey LOVED it! He gnawed through 4 wedges. I'm not sure that he actually ate much but he had lots of fun playing and discovering one of the simple joys summer brings.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New House

I have been looking high and low for a good deal on an outdoor play house for Mr.Ramsey but had fallen short so far in my search until yesterday morning. Our local service league has a huge rummage sale each spring and in a small town like Cartersville it is a fairly big deal. So being the bargain shopper I am, I had Cope drop me at the door 15 minutes before they opened since the line was already forming. By the way, my husband thinks I'm a total nut when it comes to rummage/garage sales. Whatever, I find it exhilarating. So at 10:00AM the doors to the rummage sale open and IT IS ON! I spot this Little Tikes cabin immediately and my heart starts racing. Will I get to it before someone else does? I push my way past several other slow people, a few kiddies, and AHHHHhhh grab the tag on the cabin and declare it is MINE!!!! Yep, we got it for a real steal. Luckily I had drug Cope and Ramsey along so we had the truck. Cope just kept shaking his head. I really love him even more for doing things he knows make me happy even if he thinks I am a total loon.

Anyway, we strap this little cabin down and away we ride. We could not get it though the single gate on out fence so Cope and I tried to just toss it over. I almost died. Seriously. My arms gave out and I went crashing to the ground (Did I mention I was wearing a skirt?), dropping my beloved cabin. Thank God it is plastic. Needless to say Cope asked a neighbor to help him today and it is now finally in our back yard. Yeah!!! Ramsey loves it! It was all totally worth it just to get the little happy dance and excited smile from our little wonder boy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picture Post

Ramsey up close to his first real turtle:

New mail box I found for him at yard sales for $2:

Having fun at DacKids:

Trying on Daddy's watch:

Chillin with Pops when he and Donna stopped by for an afternoon visit:

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Popsicle

Ramsey tried his first popsicle yesterday. When he got up from his nap I had him one ready but he saw it and seemed a little sceptical. He watched as I took a few taste and then he thought since I didn't die maybe it was ok. He tasted... MMMmmm! Then it was on. He took the popsicle by the stick and we headed out on the porch in case things got messy, which they did, but who cares. I'm so proud that Ramsey will try a good a bit of new stuff but he will definitely tell you weather to keep it in his food repertoire or not. In fact he only wants to feed himself as of lately. He loves his fork, mostly because he can stab things with it. We have weened him (or he has weened himself) to only big people foods now. If anyone has any good food ideas for the toddler stages that he can finger/fork feed himself please send the ideas my way. So far we've found he likes ham and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, most any fruit, pasta, cheese, and breads. I'd like to get a some more veggies in there but hey, not complaining one bit at this point. He is eating, enjoying it, and I'm not stressed at meal times. Huge smiles all around. Go Ramsey, I'm so proud of you!!!!

Summer Special!!!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

To all Tara's blog followers you know how dedicated she is to our Son just through her daily post but I thought it would be appropriate to blog for her today on Mother's Day. Tara is an amazing woman. While I was deployed to Iraq, which I am regularily thanked for, Tara held our family together at home (a few highlights: giving birth and closing on our home while I was 6,000 miles away and unable to help) which she does not get enough thanks for. She is the base to our family and she is my rock when I need her to be. She regularily cooks, cleans, takes care of our son (and me), and runs her own business (which is taking off) without even batting an eye. According to that makes her worth $122, 000 a year but I would give all the money the world for if I could.

Happy Mother's Day


Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mom

With Mother's Day approaching tomorrow I am thrilled to be a Mommy and get a special day to celebrate it, but it also makes me think so much about my own Mom. She is to be to quite honest, the BEST! She truly loves me unconditionally. She expects nothing from me other then to be happy and to live my best life. Sometime over the past few years we have made a shift from simply daughter needing mother to us just wanting to be around each other. She is my friend. The one girlfriend I am comfortable telling most anything too. She is my mentor. I used to aspire to be her but as I have grown I've realized I don't need to be her. I just need to be me and take the lesson she has taught me and the values she has instilled in me, to be a more empowered version of myself. She is a wonderful teacher. Her lesson are not in any text book, they are in everyday life. She teaches me to do the things that matter, love well, stay open to the possibilities, and to simply be grateful for the present.

There are times I want to shout to the world how neat my Mom is. To make everyone take notice of how much I love her and how kind she is to me. Then I realize that is not her style. She would rather be understated. I think all she ever needs is a simple Thank You. Well Mom, then I thank you a million times over. Because of you I am a better person, and a better mother. I thank God every single day that he chose me to be your daughter. I'm a lucky girl. Happy Mother's Day Mom. I think you're just the BEST!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fridays Are For Fishing

Today we took Ramsey out to my Mom and Morgan's lake for some afternoon fishing. Shortly after we got started our friends Keith and Katie and there 2 kiddies plus 1 niece met up with us to get in on the action. They all caught several crappy and brim but sadly no catfish were biting today. Oh well. We had a good little time and as you can tell Ramsey was full speed and super excited to be "outside" and running wild.

Ramsey getting all set for his adventure (fishing hat and a snack cup, what more does one need?):
Daddy showing Ramsey how it's done:
A little break for observation:
Back in action throwing sticks. I swear boys and sticks-it's just part of there DNA or something?:
Ramsey willing to touch the fish Daddy caught:

Ramsey and Nama taking a little joy ride around the lake:

Cope, Keith, Kaden, and Saige:
You can tell how much fun Ramsey had by his "wild abandon" yelling: