Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Party

Yesterday morning we started the day off with a party at our local bouncy place for our friends daughter Sadie. It was a great way to start the day and Ramsey and Ty had a blast running wild.
Adorable Miss Sadie turned 3 and had a Hello Kitty Party:

Ramsey and Ty, best buddies:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday was a fun day with 2 birthday parties at the same place Ramsey had his parties, the tumbling place, Devil Rays. We had one at 4:00 (JT's from his preschool class)and one at 6:00 (his best buddy Ty)so we were in full fun for 4 hours and NO NAP! Ramsey did pretty well but in the boy craziness got a bloody lip, thanks to bands aids (those things heal all in a 3 year olds world). we had a great time had back to back cakes and pizza. This Mommy wasn't complaining since Birthday cake is my favorite! It was a fun afternoon and we just love kids b-days!

Before we left Ramsey just had to try on Mommy boots:
JT's Party:

JT in his Thomas Shirt: Ty's Party and Connor, Ramsey and Ty playing in the foam pit:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring and Easter Shirt Designs

I have been busy creating and adding my Spring and Easter Shirt collections to my business blog. When I first started this business when Ramsey was 4 months old I had no idea it would turn into full time work I LOVE! I mean I get to be a stay at home mommy and work from home doing my hobby for a job. I am thankful every single day. Although, it could not work without a supportive husband, my Mom who takes Ramsey 2 days a week, and preschool. I get to create custom gifts for new babies and cute kids every single day and I love it! Here are my Easter and Spring Line Collections I have been working on. If you want to see more products and information check me out at or just click on the big TN on the top right of my blog. Also, for all you fellow bloggers through the end of February mention this post and get 10% off your entire order! Happy Shopping!

Easter 2011 Collections:

Spring 2011 Collection:

If you want to see more visit my website or if you want to place a custom order just email me at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Party at Preschool

Ramsey's little class of cuties had a small Valentines party yesterday. I wasn't in charge of the party but went anyway just because Ramsey asked me if I would come. I love that I have created a job that is soooo flexible. I love to see Ramsey interact with his classmates. It was a cute little party with cookies, cheetos, grapes, and cheezits. I love to watch all the kiddos mainly because it gives me renewed faith in Ramsey. I mean some of those kids are wild! The teachers try bless their hearts but man I couldn't do it. In fact two little boys started to actually fight and Ramsey got in their face and yelled "cooperate!" This is his latest new word his Nama taught him. Then we got a valentine from each of his buddies and more candy too!

This little table is only 1/2 of the class. There is a whole other table of little boys too.
Ramsey and his best girl Annabelle:

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines

I have the two best Valentines in the world, but then again I know I'm partial. I got these beautiful flowers at our door on Friday and then Saturday night Cope took me to Sal Grosso, a Brazilian steak place for perfect date. I love the man that he is and am so thankful he loves me. Then I had this adorable card in my email this morning. My Mom helped Ramsey create it:

Happy Valentines Day to you all. Cheesy holiday or not I still dig it!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Picture Post

Muscle Pose:
Another Muscle Pose:

Yelling at the TV:
Silly Face:

Mom, can I have the camera:

Ramsey actually took this picture of me yesterday:

Trying not to smile:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Buds

Ramsey and his best buddy Ty. These two truly love each other:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need Some Advice!

So Ramsey just turned 3 and each stage is for sure my favorite. I love the newness of each stage but this one has brought with it NEGOTIATIONS. Meaning Ramsey wants to negotiate EVERYTHING. If I tell him he can have 2 Starburst he wants 3. If I tell him it is time to go to bed and not call me anymore he will find the one thing that can get me back up there(like mommy i need to poop,even if he doesn't). If I tell him it is time to leave for school he says "Just a few more minutes" of Mickey Clubhouse. I feel like he wants to negotiate 100 times a day, oh wait he does. Now I am not a weak person but part of me wants to explain why in the situation and the other part of me wants to say "because I said so". Any advice on what approach has worked for you guys? Is it just the stage? Don't get me wrong I love that my child's brain is constantly churning but should I battle with my 3 year old? Oh, and what is a post without pictures. Here ya go:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lessons From Ramsey

This morning, like most mornings getting out the door on time is near impossible. I am usually in a crazy hurry and Ramsey isn't cooperating as much as I would like. This morning he was acting a little more naughty then normal so when we FINALLY got in the car he said "mommy, can I have my juice" to which I replied "Nope, if we act naughty we don't get what we want". He thought for a minute and instead of apologizing said "Mommy, you should be nice to your child".

Thanks buddy, I'll keep that one in mind.