Sunday, June 23, 2013

Football Camp

This past Monday and Tuesday Ramsey and his buddy Kaden attended my Dad's football camp at Gainesville High School. The camp is for ages 5-12. Both boys did great and had a blast!

Ramsey and Pops:
 Deshaun Watson (senior who has already signed with Clemson) and his littlest fans:
 Ramsey in action:

Ramsey in the huddle:
 Pops and his campers:
 We also took the boys to INK children's museum and Francis Meadows water park:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Annual Swim Lessons

Ramsey had his 4th annual swim lessons a few weeks ago. He did them with his buddies Connor and Kendall. They have all done swim lessons with Mr. Mark for a few years now and they all did great! They worked on different type of swim strokes, treading water, and just perfecting previous learned skills. Mr.Mark is so awesome with them and is tough but good. The results are wonderful!

Ramsey with Mr.Mark:
 The 3 amigos ready to jump:
 Buddah Belly:
 Listening to instruction:
 Back Stroke:

 Mr. Mark and his crew:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kobey's Birthday Party

 Our friends son Kobey turned 7 this past weekend. For those who don't know Kobey he was adopted from the Ukraine at age 3 by his parents Kevin and Shawnee. He was meant to be their son and o one who has met this trio would say different. God has a way a making families for sure. This past weekend was his 7th birthday party and we are always eager to celebrate such a wonderful event. Cope even champed up and dressed as Vader:

 Ramsey and his Father:
 Chewbacca was actually Colin Barber (punt kicker for the Georgia Dawgs!)
 Saber wars:
 Chewie as war:
 Vader(Cope) getting attacked:
 Vader and his son:
 In action:
 His crew:
 The whole party crew:

Vader and his loves:
 My Villain:
 About to put his death strike on Season:
 Water slide after lunch:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

T-Ball Season 2013

Ramsey had a great 2013 T-ball season. His Head Coach Greg and assistant coach Cope (AKA Daddy) were awesome with this group or 4 and 5 year olds. Ramsey hit about 30 percent or his pitches and the others off the tee. He loved it and especially since his buddies from Pre-K were on his team. We finished the season this past Thursday with a game followed by a trophy reception at a frozen yogurt place on town.

Ramsey getting his trophy from coach Greg:
 Cope and Greg with the whole team:
Ramsey and his buddy Connor and sweet little bro Landon:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Annual Summer Fun at Lake Winnie

At the beginning of every summer my Mom and Morgan take their grand kids for a super fun day at Lake Winnie amusement park in Tennessee. This was our best year yet! The weather was great, the kiddos we all extremely well behaved. Me and my Step-Sister Peggy tagged along to help with the 4 kiddos. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ansley, Ramsey, Connor, and Sophia:
 Peggy and Sophia on Dumbo ride:
 Classic kiddo boats:
 Motorcycle man:
 Whale ship:
 Of course he had to pick the jeep:
 Sophia, Peggy, and Connor ready for the boat ride:
 Happy boy:
 Mom, Connor, and Ramsey:

 Sack Sliding with Nama:
 Morgan, Connor, and Ramsey:
 Stopping for a pic:
 Everyone on board for a kids roller coaster:
 A little break at the splash park:

 Frog Hopper with Aunt Peggy:
 Train ride:
 Little Sophia was tired by the end of the day:
 Making a decision at the gift shop: