Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ramsey Singing

Ramsey will share the songs he sings at preschool on occasion and today was his friend Annabelle's birthday so "Happy Birthday" was the song of choice.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had a girls dinner out last night so Cope was on "Daddy Duty". He decided to set a tent up in the backyard so Ramsey could play in it. Ramsey decided he liked it very much and wanted to eat his peanut butter sandwich in it. Maybe one day soon Cope will get brave enough to take him camping for real. I don't include myself in that trip because I don't camp well AT ALL. Sleeping outside or on the ground just doesn't make sense or seem fun at all to this girl. So maybe we'll keep that a "guy thing" a little father/son bonding thing?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies Man

This past Friday night I took Ramsey to my Dad's football game. He coaches at Gainesville High and they were playing their town rivals North Hall. The game was really crowded but Ramsey got to go down on the field before the game and meet lots of people and see my Dad AKA "Pops". Ramsey thought that was neat but was he really found amazing were the cheerleaders. He referred to them as the the "red gulz". They were so sweet to Ramsey and at halftime let him sit and each chips with them. He was in LOVE! On the way home he asked me if they could come over to our house. He also woke up talking about them on Saturday morning.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Thank you to all my fellow blogger buddies who have posted about their adventures to INK, the Children's Museum in Gainesville. I've been wanting to take Ramsey for a while and since we were also going to my dad's football game last night, a trip to Ink beforehand worked out perfectly. We got to the museum about 3:30 and we were the only ones there! The staff was super nice, we made a pit stop by the potty and then we were off for a new adventure. There are so many pictures but there was a photo op at every turn so I couldn't resist. If you've never been to INK, I would recommend it to anyone. It was the most fun we've had in a while and just perfect for a kiddo Ramsey's age.

Here is Ramsey with his very on ATM card. They give these out when you arrive for the kids to use in the bank:
Taking a sliding break: Doing a little playing before getting going:
Working at the little post office:

Doing a little dance on the stage:

He found these trucks and thought he'd hit the jackpot:
The have a little costume room off the stage for kids to dress up in just about anything. Of course Ramsey chose the army hat like his Daddy's:
Time to grocery shop:

It was so neat to see the things he picked. Ice cream, milk, juice, mac n cheese and then some crazy items like olive oil and laundry detergent:
Then it was on to some rock out time in the music room:

Using his ATM card to get some pretend money, that he of course thought was real and immediately wanted to buy some toys with it: Taking a reading break in his office:
Back to work:
Of course his favorite thing was the train tables. of course he has one at home but these were different and where he wanted to spend most of his time:

Big view of INK: Each little room off the center is a different experience. They had a doctors office, a dentist, a vet, and even a restaurant that isn't in these pics:
Aunt Paige (my sister met us there) being a Bad Ass:
Ramsey milking the cow:
Ramsey loved the four wheeler. Just look at that expression:

Fire lady Paige:
Ramsey piloting the airplane:
Doing a little yard work:
We will defiently be going back to take Cope along and will telling out our friends to visit too. It was great!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Afternoon!

Cope's buddy Alex is in town for the weekend so yesterday afternoon we met Cope at Monkey Joes with Ramsey and had some intense playtime. I say intense because we showed up at 5:40pm and they close at 6:00pm. Who knew? Since had Ramsey pumped up about Monkey Joe's all day we went on in and played hard and fast. Ramsey had a blast, especially since both Cope and Alex did everything with him.

Even though we were limited on time Ramsey still insisted on taking time to pretend to play the motorcycle game:
I payed 25cents for him to ride this race car. Money well spent! Serious race car driver:
Ramsey with his guys:

After Monkey Joes and a little shopping at REI we went to Pie in The Sky for dinner. It is a pizza place that was on Man Vs. Food, a show on the travel channel. The pizza was awesome and Ramsey was pleased he got to sit with his buddy "Awex":

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pool Party

Our neighborhood had a Labor day pool party this past Sunday. It was fun to get together, relax, and let the kiddos go wild. Ramsey was the only little boy with about 8 little girls so he was in heaven and well taken care of. We let him stay up till 11:00 that night. He has never stayed up that late before but he managed good but still woke up at 7am. Awesome! Here are some pics of our funny guy.

The Kona Ice man came by and Ramsey chose this bomb pop. He also about 6 rice crispy treats, cookies, capri sun, cake, and chips. You can only imagine the sugar rush:
It was a luau theme so they were passing out these grass skirts. Cope was admiring his son's attire:

Dancing with the "gwirls":
The baseball shirt give him a hint of masculinity:

He decided he liked it better as a cape:

Monday, September 6, 2010

How Ramsey Spent the Georgia Game...

Since Saturday was the first UGA game and the opening day of dove season we taped the UGA game and watched it that evening. Ramsey was pumped to watch the Bulldogs and spent the game being very busy:

He ate snacks:
He watched intensely:

He thought there was a fumble:

He played:

He sat still for about 2 seconds with Daddy: He did some exercising:

He yelled at the TV: And yelled some more:

He rested in between plays:

He worked on his muscles:

I just love football season and the family gatherings it brings. Saturdays have a purpose, cool breeze is in the air, the food is great, and it is just something about college football in the south that makes me super happy we live in Georgia and the Dawgs are our team!