Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had a girls dinner out last night so Cope was on "Daddy Duty". He decided to set a tent up in the backyard so Ramsey could play in it. Ramsey decided he liked it very much and wanted to eat his peanut butter sandwich in it. Maybe one day soon Cope will get brave enough to take him camping for real. I don't include myself in that trip because I don't camp well AT ALL. Sleeping outside or on the ground just doesn't make sense or seem fun at all to this girl. So maybe we'll keep that a "guy thing" a little father/son bonding thing?


Mary said...

We took Ian camping this summer and he loved it! He was so tired from fishing and running around at the park that he passed out on top of DJ at bedtime within minutes.

I'm sure Ramsey will love it! Now is the best time since it's finally getting cooler.

Brandi Beals said...

Way to go Daddy! I totally told Ryan about this and they are going to do it soon!