Sunday, August 30, 2009

Movie Tent

I got this neat idea from my friend Heather to do a sort of "camp in" and watch a move with Ramsey. We ate dinner early, Cope set up this very cool tent while I cleaned the kitchen, Cope gave Ramsey his bath and put on his PJ's and the we were off to the movies in the playroom. Ramsey was super excited to see the tent and get his flashlight. We rented Madagascar and he seemed to think it was all really cool for at least 30 minutes before it lost his attention and he decided to rome around the playroom. He thought the tent made for an excellent drive through for his cars and trucks. We didn't even care because we watched the movie in relative peace and WILD man had a great time. We might just make this a weekly event? (ok, maybe not every week but it was fun for all!)

Friday, August 28, 2009


So I still get the Baby Center updates once a week and this week I read a little more into it since Ramsey's behaviour has been "off" this week. I know it has been a lot on him that Cope has been traveling for work so much and he started play school this week. As I read I found all the intense behaviors of Ramsey being described as typical "Spirited" toddler behavior. Now, why had I not thought of that kind word sooner to describe what sort of child he is. Up until now I've described him as intense and strong willed. Of course he still has his super sweet moments but the spirited ones have been taking over this week.

Example: Yesterday morning (Thursday) I had been talking to him and telling him we were going to music class together (AKA Kindermusic). So we left the house around 9:50 because music class started at 10:30 and I needed to go make a return at Kohls before hand. Well, as soon as I pulled into the Kohls parking lots Ramsey started saying "no" and crying. I thought he'd get over it and after all I only needed 5 minutes of his time there. So I got him out and let him walk in. I told him to hold my hand which he refused. When I tried to get his hand he proceeded to sit down in the parking lot and cry. Really? So I scooped him up and ran inside. I got a cart so he could sit as he was still crying very loudly. I started to head for the return desk but he was very upset, I mean the snotty nose sort of upset. So I decided it wasn't worth it and he wasn't calming down so out we went. I got him back in the car seat and and said "what in the world is wrong" and he said "DANCE". Even though I was mad I realized he thought we were going to Kindermusic and that this is what his little mind was set on and this detour to Kohls was a cruel joke. I felt bad but his intensity truly needed to come down a notch. As we approach 2 years old I am crossing my fingers that I can survive this "Spirited" child. He is so much fun but he seriously knows how to make his Mommy feel super crazy at times.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Silly Kid

Ramsey and I had some free playtime at home this afternoon. I decided to change his sheets and let him play on the mattress for a little bit. He thought this was pretty cool. I think he would have played on it all afternoon if I'd let him. The free toys are always the best!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta Love The Little Things

One of Ramsey's favorite Tuesday morning activities is to watch the garbage truck come around and pick up our "trash". Sometime we miss it if we're not paying attention or sleeping in (ok I never really sleep in but Ramsey does) but not this morning. I heard it and could see (via video monitor) that Ramsey was waking up and chatting with his stuffed animals so I dashed in to get him and out we went to watch the magic that is garbage pick up. He watched with amazement that this wonder is right in front of his house. How does one little boy get so lucky? It is truly the small things that make their day start off great. Next it was off to catch the tail end of "George". Curious George has also hung the moon in this kids world.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Play School

Today was Ramsey's first morning of play school. It was a little hard getting ready and out the door by 8:00am but I'm sure we'll get used to it in no time. Cope was able to go with me to drop him off, which was nice. It was my first time leaving him for any length of time with someone other then family. He kissed us both and told us bye and went right into playing. Cope and I came home and stayed busy as to not miss him too terribly. We both went to pick him up and take him to lunch. He said he had "fun". All the teacher said when we picked him up was that he did good and she thought he'd be very tired the rest of the day. Does that mean he was WILD? Who knows. He did have a good nap! Overall it was a good first day and hopefully going to play school will prove to be a treat for us both. I am so proud of our little guy. He came home with a few pictures he had scribbled on and a hand print he'd made for us. I almost cried as these truly are some of the sweetest days so far. He is certainly growing up and we are in awe of the strong willed and amazing little man he is becoming.
Taking a walk in Mommy's flip flops:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon we (Cope, Me, and Ramsey) headed for an afternoon trip to Huntsville, AL to attend our friend's little girls Birthday party. We hadn't seen Addison since she was 10 months old and now she is turning 3. Wow, how time flies! The birthday party was at a place called The Little Gym and it was WILD! It is a great little set up for kids and I think Ramsey was a good bit younger then most of the kids there but he had so much fun.

Jumping with the big kids:

Chillin: Ramsey and Addison:
Is this place a kids dream or what?: Ramsey trying to pay attention to the instructions:
Cope checking on Ramsey in the cave. He got a little scared when he couldn't find us: Umm, Cake! Ramsey didn't eat much but at least he was willing to try: After the Party we went to dinner at a local Mexican place. Yum! Then we headed to their home for some playtime on the playground. Cope and I didn't realize time changed so it is like 9:00 or so in these pictures. Ramsey was way over tired but hung in there:

We had a great time! Jae and Sierra, we love your new house and your backyard of course. We didn't get in until after midnight but being a little tired today was well worth the fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pre-School or Play-School???

Mr. Ramsey is going to start going to our church's learning center two mornings a week for pre-school. Typing pre-school makes me cringe because it makes me feel like I am forcing him to grow up too soon, which will never be the case I hope. So I've decided to call it PLAY SCHOOL. Afterall that is really all it is. It is just some organized play time and time to be social. He'll go Monday and Wednesday morning from 8:30-11:15. We went for open house today and he seemed to love it and didn't want to leave. I'm sure the first week or so he'll be on his best behavior and once he gets comfortable, they better get ready!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monkey Joe's Morning Trip

Ramsey and I had a fun morning play date with my friend Kelly and her little boy Ty. The boys get along great and Ramsey is in awe of Ty. We decided to take the boys to Monkey Joe's (an indoor play place) for a little bit yesterday morning. We all had a blast! Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Ramsey looking like a tourist. You have to wear socks inside so white socks and crocs were the look:
We made the boys sit down while we paid. They were super excited!:
Ramsey doing his thing: I could really tell how much he had grown up since we were last there in Feb. He has no fear and even could do a few of the big slides all by himself:
What's up?:
Weeeee! Me and Ramsey:
Peek a boo:

The face of satisfaction:
What little kid doesn't love tunnels:
Ramsey and Ty:

Little boys and their love for anything "car":
They were trying the biggest slide there all on their own:
The fun morning was finished off with lunch at Panera. Ramsey was worn out and thirsty:
This is not the best video but is a good indication of how much fun the little guys were having:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Kid LOVES Books

Have I mentioned before how much Mr. Ramsey loves books. Well, he does. He'll warm right up to any stranger if they'll just read to him. I've been reading to him since he was a few weeks old and at the time I thought why bother because he was just staring at me like I was crazy. As soon as he could turn pages though he was hooked. He loves most any book and will even pick up a novel on occasion as pretend to read it. I love to watch his little brain grow and it is neat when he can anticipate what part of the story is coming up next. Sometime I catch him just sitting quietly pointing at the pictures and talking to himself. Needless to say we frequent the library as often as possible.

Here Ramsey is reading one of my books from my childhood called "If I found A Whistful Unicorn" It has become one of his favorites too which is pretty neat. It has the date my Mom and Dad gave it to me on the inside (1985) along with a note from them. Man, I'm getting old but it means I get to have a family of my own and I love it!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Who doesn't love shopping and who doesn't love a sale??? Several friends of mine told me about Kid2Kid having their seasonal clearance sale and it consisted of any clearenced items you can stuff into their shopping bags for $5 per bag. The bags we're not all that big but I could easily get 10-12 items in each bag. So that is less than 50 cents per items. Yippee!!! Now that I learned to applique and can also embroider it opens up a whole new world of items I can get for Ramsey. I got 6 bags full of items (some for my neighbor friends too). Ramsey of course picked out a dump truck that wasn't on sale but he was so good I couldn't say no. That being said the store was a MAD HOUSE. There were people everywhere and I think there were kids literally hanging from the ceiling and also the store sales toys so within 20 minutes the store was trashed. We thankfully we were one of the first ones in and therefore on of the first ones to check out. The employees there were so nice and patient. They must have had some Valium before hand to deal with the chaos. We had a good time and got some great buys. I am so happy that I have not had to buy Ramsey hardly anything new for this fall or the spring time. I am very selective when I shop at consignments but always come away with some great finds. Here are some of my favorites from today:


Cope finally comes home today after having been gone almost 3 weeks for National Guard training. Ramsey and I are stoked!!! Cope then leaves again next Tuesday-Friday for a work trip and then the next week it is back to Savannah for another work week. GEEZ! We'll manage but we're hoping these travel weeks will slow down soon. We miss him.

In even sadder news My Step-Dad, Morgan's 96 year old father passed away this past Monday. He was and will always be one of the most honest, most generous, and loving men I've ever met. He passed away in his sleep and I don't think anyone of us could have hoped for a more gentle way to go.

Since there was visitation on Wednesday and the funeral on Thursday which wasn't appropriate to bring Ramsey to, Cope's parents came up to help me. It was great to have their help and Ramsey enjoyed having their full attention. Judy even took Ramsey to his first Kindermusic class since I could not. She said they had fun and Ramsey refused to sit still and instead needed to wonder the room and make his presence known. Why and I not surprised?

Also, I let Ramsey watch his first movie (well, part of it anyway). He is so into cars and trucks my friend let me borrow there copy of "Cars". I should just put on the whole movie on for him and get a million things done but for some reason I hate the idea of his mind being sucked away for that long. Maybe when Cope gets here this weekend we'll sit down as a family and watch it together.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting Eva

My Friend, Katie and I (and Ramsey too!) went to visit our dear friend Monica who just had her second child 2 weeks ago. She has a 2 year old boy, Teo and now a newborn baby girl named Eva. She is precious. It is neat too that Teo and Eva are exactly 2 years apart with the same birthday. Those will be some fun birthday parties! I was a little nervous to hold such a little baby again as I am truly NOT much of a baby person except for my own of course. Good news, she did not break. She is really cute and makes the cutest little baby noises. I don't have baby fever yet but those tiny baby noises take you back to newness of a little one. Monica and Felipe have created a really beautiful family so far and I could not be happier for them. Here are a few pics from the morning visit:

Katie and Eva:
Me and Eva:Teo and Ramsey. It was a little hard to get both boys sitting down and paying attention at the same time:Teo, the new BIG brother. Doesn't he look proud:

Monday, August 10, 2009

This and That

Ramsey and I are counting down the days till Cope comes home on Friday after having been gone 3 weeks. While Cope has been gone we have been SUPER busy or maybe I'm just keeping us feeling busy so we don't go nuts. Sunday my Dad came for some play time with Ramsey which was fun: Yesterday I remember having stored away this very cool sippee cup Aunt Julie gave Ramsey last year. He LOVES it! We call it his "cool" cup: Tonight he is WILD and I'm thinking it is time to get him to the bath and bed. He is currently climbing up my back and beginning to melt down so better run: Enjoy the total randomness and hope to be back with more interesting stuff soon: