Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon we (Cope, Me, and Ramsey) headed for an afternoon trip to Huntsville, AL to attend our friend's little girls Birthday party. We hadn't seen Addison since she was 10 months old and now she is turning 3. Wow, how time flies! The birthday party was at a place called The Little Gym and it was WILD! It is a great little set up for kids and I think Ramsey was a good bit younger then most of the kids there but he had so much fun.

Jumping with the big kids:

Chillin: Ramsey and Addison:
Is this place a kids dream or what?: Ramsey trying to pay attention to the instructions:
Cope checking on Ramsey in the cave. He got a little scared when he couldn't find us: Umm, Cake! Ramsey didn't eat much but at least he was willing to try: After the Party we went to dinner at a local Mexican place. Yum! Then we headed to their home for some playtime on the playground. Cope and I didn't realize time changed so it is like 9:00 or so in these pictures. Ramsey was way over tired but hung in there:

We had a great time! Jae and Sierra, we love your new house and your backyard of course. We didn't get in until after midnight but being a little tired today was well worth the fun!


jill said...

i want ramsey to come to our house. i need to love on this kiddo! his pictures kill me! TOO adorable!!! how do you and cope feel about arranged marriages?

Christine said...

Hey There- We missed you much out here in CA but it looks like this was fun too. Hope all is well...Cant wait to catch up soon

The Tooles said...

Ramsey seems to be in heaven when he is on any inflatable jumping toy=) Being a boy, I'm sure being able to throw balls at people added to the excitement too. Looked like a blast..for ALL of you!