Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monkey Joe's Morning Trip

Ramsey and I had a fun morning play date with my friend Kelly and her little boy Ty. The boys get along great and Ramsey is in awe of Ty. We decided to take the boys to Monkey Joe's (an indoor play place) for a little bit yesterday morning. We all had a blast! Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Ramsey looking like a tourist. You have to wear socks inside so white socks and crocs were the look:
We made the boys sit down while we paid. They were super excited!:
Ramsey doing his thing: I could really tell how much he had grown up since we were last there in Feb. He has no fear and even could do a few of the big slides all by himself:
What's up?:
Weeeee! Me and Ramsey:
Peek a boo:

The face of satisfaction:
What little kid doesn't love tunnels:
Ramsey and Ty:

Little boys and their love for anything "car":
They were trying the biggest slide there all on their own:
The fun morning was finished off with lunch at Panera. Ramsey was worn out and thirsty:
This is not the best video but is a good indication of how much fun the little guys were having:


Mary said...

We went there today! Wednesday is half off day here, so we usually go on Wednesday! Ian was able to go up by himself for the first time today. How big our boys are getting!

jill said...

love it! makes me wish we had one here!!! i think my fave is the tunnel picture. and the new header shot is PRECIOUS! wish he and sophie b could play!

Julie said...

Looks like a lot of fun. The girls would love to go along. They talk about Ramsey frequently. I am glad we will see you at Christmas so they don't have much of an opportunity to forget each other!!

Erin said...

That place just looks like too much fun. I am sure it's a little boys dream!!