Friday, August 14, 2009


Cope finally comes home today after having been gone almost 3 weeks for National Guard training. Ramsey and I are stoked!!! Cope then leaves again next Tuesday-Friday for a work trip and then the next week it is back to Savannah for another work week. GEEZ! We'll manage but we're hoping these travel weeks will slow down soon. We miss him.

In even sadder news My Step-Dad, Morgan's 96 year old father passed away this past Monday. He was and will always be one of the most honest, most generous, and loving men I've ever met. He passed away in his sleep and I don't think anyone of us could have hoped for a more gentle way to go.

Since there was visitation on Wednesday and the funeral on Thursday which wasn't appropriate to bring Ramsey to, Cope's parents came up to help me. It was great to have their help and Ramsey enjoyed having their full attention. Judy even took Ramsey to his first Kindermusic class since I could not. She said they had fun and Ramsey refused to sit still and instead needed to wonder the room and make his presence known. Why and I not surprised?

Also, I let Ramsey watch his first movie (well, part of it anyway). He is so into cars and trucks my friend let me borrow there copy of "Cars". I should just put on the whole movie on for him and get a million things done but for some reason I hate the idea of his mind being sucked away for that long. Maybe when Cope gets here this weekend we'll sit down as a family and watch it together.


The Suburban Mommie said...

I promise you that letting him watch an occasional movie won't suck away all his brain cells! ;) Sorry for your loss!

Mylinda said...

It reminds me of that HULU commercial about turning our brains to mush! I feel the same way. Why is there that guilt about letting them do something we do every day? We're OK, right?

The Brown Family said...

I agree completely with limiting TV time but come on...... Addison loves Jasmine! I can put Alladin on and she will watch for five minutes then get up and find me, then go back to it, then shreak when she sees Jasmine for the first timeand wants me to come sit with her for minute, and then she wonders around again, and so on and so on. She probably watches about 20-25 min total and not consecutive. But, I get 10,000 things done in that time and you should see the joy Jasmine brings to her little life. Girl let cars roll! He will not sit like a vombie for the hour and a half. (we couldn't get that lucky to have that much quiet time :)