Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting Eva

My Friend, Katie and I (and Ramsey too!) went to visit our dear friend Monica who just had her second child 2 weeks ago. She has a 2 year old boy, Teo and now a newborn baby girl named Eva. She is precious. It is neat too that Teo and Eva are exactly 2 years apart with the same birthday. Those will be some fun birthday parties! I was a little nervous to hold such a little baby again as I am truly NOT much of a baby person except for my own of course. Good news, she did not break. She is really cute and makes the cutest little baby noises. I don't have baby fever yet but those tiny baby noises take you back to newness of a little one. Monica and Felipe have created a really beautiful family so far and I could not be happier for them. Here are a few pics from the morning visit:

Katie and Eva:
Me and Eva:Teo and Ramsey. It was a little hard to get both boys sitting down and paying attention at the same time:Teo, the new BIG brother. Doesn't he look proud:


jill said...

girl you look GOOD with a baby!!! :) r is precious like he always is!

Mylinda said...

What a tiny baby! It makes me sad that Hudson was never that small. Did it make you want another? Holding a baby never ahs that effect on me!

katie smith said...

Your such a good blogger. Loved our visit the other day. Its always nice when the 3 of us get together...brings back a lot of old memories :) Baby Eva is precious! So jealous of all that hair!!!