Friday, January 25, 2013

PJ Day at Pre-K

Today at Pre-K was pajama day. Kiddos wear their PJ's. bring their blankets and sleeping bags and have a fun day. They rotate classrooms and in one they had movie and popcorn, the next they had hair painting, the next they had shaving cream fun, and the last one they got tattoos. After the rotation they had a breakfast of french toast and sausage. The kiddos loved being in their favorite PJ's and going WILD. Here are a few pics from the day:

Pretending to slumber:
 Our sweet Boy excited out PJ day:
 Thomas and Ramsey-Best Buds:
 Connor and Ramsey-Twins:
 Snow Cone Hair:
 Sweet Addison had her Rapunzel hair colored:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Legoland and Birthday Parties!!!

Saturday was a LONG but AWESOME day! We started with a trip to Legoland in Atlanta for their "Star Wars Days'. We had gone this past summer but it being "Star Wars Day" made it WAY better! Ramsey had a blast! If my kiddo is happy and I can be part of that I am a happy Mommy. After Lego Land we headed to his friend Connor's party at bounce U and then it was back to Cartersville for his friend Harper Cole's party. Again, long day but really great and sooo fun! Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ramsey playing at Legoland:
 Ty, Ramsey, and Kobey playing in a Lego pitt:

 About to test out his creation on the test track:
 Shawnee and Kobey:
 Making a mosaic Lego Tile:
 Kelly and Ty on one of the rides:
 Ready to ride:
 Chewy and the boys:
 Ty, Ramsey,and Kobey:

 Giving each other a pep talk:
 Hey to Chewy:
 Intense Star Wars Pose:

Making decisions in the Lego store:

Time to meet the characters!!!!:

 Then it was on to Connor's party at Bounce U:

 Next Stop... Harper Cole's Party:

 Last Stop Mexican for dinner and this is what Ramsey made from his tortilla:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Picture Post

Ramsey trying handstand push ups at Cross Fit Kids:
Doing some back porch hunting:
 Riding with Nama:
 Thanksgiving day ride on the mule:
 Stud Muffin:
 Underwear Head:
 Crazy face:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holidays 2012

We had a wonderful 2012 Holiday Season. Cope and I both took 10 days off of work. We slept in, ate too much, and caught up on family time. Here are just a few pics from last month:

Ramsey's pre-K Christmas program:
 Our little Elf:
 Ramsey and Cousin Sophia (She is in the 2 year old class):
 Morgan, Ramsey, Mom, and Paige. Cope's parents were also there:
 Pic at Cope's parents before church:
 Santa came to our house:

 Can you tell Ramsey is into Star Wars and Legos?:

 Coming down on Christmas morning:
 Checking out the loot:
 Computer time with Cousin Mattie: