Friday, August 16, 2013

Planes Movie with Buds

Last Friday, after Ramsey and his buddies from Pre-K (who are all going to different public schools for Kindergarten) met up to celebrate the end to their first few days at BIG school. We saw the new movie Planes at 4:00 and the kids were so excited to see each other. There were 10 kids and 10 adults to see the movie and then we met up the other Dad's for a big dinner (table for 26) at Mexican. Yum! So thankful to get a chance to hang with our safety nest friends, man public school is an adjustment!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ramsey started Kindergarten this past Wednesday at Cloverleaf Elementary. I am not an overly emotional mommy but it was hard for me! He seems so much more grown up now. So independent. I realize that is what I want for him and so I have to stuff my emotions down and move forward. He loves school and had a great first week. He has already made several friends, eaten lunch in the cafeteria twice, and gone to art and computer class. I am one proud mom but man public school is a bit of an adjustment from our safety nest of preschool!