Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hotel Hoodlum

In my post from the other day I had said we had gone to Asheville this past weekend and what a great time we had but what I forgot to mention was what a WILD MAN Ramsey was. He was a great traveler mainly because everything is new, and in need of his expert explorer skills. Once we checked into our room the very first thing he did was run strait for the phone and picked it up and started dialing. We quickly unplugged it as to not make too many room service calls. Next he grabbed the remote to the TV and threw it into the toilet. "UH-OH" is all he had to say for that one. Later when we were headed out for dinner Cope said have you seen my keys and my reply was "yes, I think I say them in the trash can earlier". Sure enough that's where they were. When we got back we wanted to watch a little TV but couldn't find the remote again. Oh, it was in the bath tub this time...of course. He also set our radio alarm clock and worked magic on the little safe in the closet. I didn't even bring toys on this trip simply because a hotel room is so full of adventure for a toddler. He is a mess, but he makes us laugh all the while.

Monday, March 30, 2009

First Hair Cut

Mr. Ramsey got his first hair cut today. It has really started to get a bit nappy and when we went swimming this past weekend his hair hung down in the back like a dozen rat tails. My friend Kim is a hair dresser and gladly came over to our house this afternoon to give Ramsey and Cope new hair-dos. Ramsey hated it at first mostly because his hair was so tangly but once the conditioner was in he was good to go. Even though she trimmed like 2 inches off it looked like our floor was covered in spaghetti o's when she was done from his hair. His hair is still super curly but it looks much fresher and summerish. Yeah!!! I can definitely tell I'm a Mom when my kid is screaming and I'm taking tons of pictures of his first hair cut. Such sweet memories.

Oh gosh, what is about to happen. I just know it isn't good:

I hate all you guys:
Cell phone does the trick every time:Slick:What tha H*%#???:
Loving his new hair cut:Ta Da!!!:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Asheville, NC

We just got back from a fun weekend spent with our friends in Asheville, NC. My friend Katie's husband sells night vision and scopes at gun shows on the weekends and he had a show to do in Asheville. He asked Cope if he'd like to help him out and Cope said "sure". So Katie and I and our 3 kids (Kaden-4, Ramsey-15 months, and Kendall-8 months) tagged along for a fun weekend getaway. While the guys went do their show during the day we shopped, and went on a few adventures at the Biltmore House. We took the kids to a little petting farm there, we hit the winery for a little tasting, and then today toured a little of the house, and hit some more shops. Ramsey loves Kaden and is completely entertained in his presence. We also did some swimming at the hotel and enjoyed dining out with the whole crew in the evenings. Ramsey is a great little traveler and slept great in his pack n play at night. Katie and I came home earlier today since the show did not get over until 4:00pm we wanted to get the kids on home. You should have seen the two of us with 3 kids in the back. Kendall started crying once and as soon as she did Ramsey started to cry out of sympathy. They were both screaming so we had to pull over to calm them down. We made it back in one piece, thank goodness. All in all it was a great weekend with good friends, good food, and lots of fun!
Ramsey excited for a fun weekend!:We had to stop by the Varsity on the way:Taking a little after lunch snooze:Enjoying his hotel room but a bit confused where he was when he woke up:Checking out the barn at the Biltmore:Photo Op with Kaden and Ramsey:Petting Zoo. Ramsey saw a real little calf and even got to pet it. I forgot to snap a pic of that one:Best Buddies:Giving the grounds of the Biltmore a run for their money:
You need to hurry up and take that picture Mom, I'm ready to do some swimming:
Ramsey LOVED the pool and would kick and giggle the whole time:
Katie, Kendall, Kaden and Ramsey in fornt of the Biltmore house:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun With Daddy

Ramsey and Cope are the best buddies. Ramsey has taken right to having a full time Daddy around and loves when he and I wake Cope up in the morning and snuggle in bed for a few minutes. Having Cope home has made all the difference in the world to us both.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eating Update

Mr. Ramsey has made BIG progress in the eating department. His eating lady now comes just every other week for about 30minutes or so and basically we just talk about his progression and things to start implementing. Cope being home and us actually sitting down to the dinner table has made a huge difference. He usually wants what were having and will point and whine until we give him some. We texturize his baby food with rice puffs to get him used to swallowing textures and now he hardly even notices it and rarely gags or spits them out. He is in an eating upswing at the moment and is eating a ton. Yeah! He still loves his milk and prefers it over water and juice any day. I have become much more relaxed about his eating which is probably making a big difference too. Ramsey knows his own mind and me pushing only makes it worse. So I'm more calm and Ramsey is doing great! I am so thankful for this. Our only issue right now is him wanting to stand up in his high chair. If that is our only battle at meal time right now...I'll take it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rock Band

Over the weekend we watched my friend Katie's son, Kaden. He is such a fun kid and loves to play the Wii and play the "bitar" on Rock Band. Here is the trio at their finest. Kaden on drums, Ramsey on the mic, and Cope on "bitar". I think they're available for hire if you're interested.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loving Life

Cope and I took Ramsey over to my Mom and Morgan's this weekend for some outdoor fun. We started off with catfishing but sadly didn't even get a bite. Next it was on to a ride in the peddle boat followed by some riding on Cope's 4-wheeler. Ramsey loves being outdoors and even with a cold and snotty nose he was full force all afternoon. I am so thankful for relaxing, fun days such as this. I can't help but think back to this time last year when being with Cope seemed so far away. It was. I am grateful everyday to God for bringing us back together to enjoy the simple joys of life and watch our little boy enjoy nature at its finest.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Darn Good Dog

Bentley, our little French Bulldog is often quite annoying and literally under my foot ALL day but we love him dearly... snoring, grunting, vomit, and all. He is so good with Ramsey. Our other dog Sage is too but she usually will just avoid him. Bentley would rather take it and stay as close to me as possible. Below is one example of how gentle Bentley is toward Ramsey. Thank Goodness.

Of course no meal would be complete without a little clean up from Ramsey. This kid seriously LOVES his broom:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr. Sandman

Ramsey has been enjoying his new sand and water table very much. We actually just put sand in it the other day and all he wants to do is throw it or eat it. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon. Either way it keeps him entertained and that is almost always a good thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Post

Wearing Mommy's sweatshirt like a toga ( it's a KD sweatshirt...how appropriate):

Seeing what it feels like to walk in Mommy's shoes:

Getting a boost to one of my favorite things...light switches:

Bed head:

I can climb all the way on top of this table by myself, I'm not sure why Mommy isn't impressed???:

Proper hygiene: