Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ava's Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for our good friends daughter, Ava who was turning 3. Ava's parents Vince and Erin are are good friends from college and they now live just 30 minutes from us. It was a pool party so it was fun for all. Here are some pics from the party:

Ramsey had the best time playing with Cope in the water. Stuff like this makes me nervous but Ramsey giggles with delight the whole time:

Ready for launch:

Being Man Handled:

My two favorite guys. So sweet!:


Ava's little brother Tripp:

Trying to Hula Hoop:

Opening presents. Erin was telling Ramsey to go ask Cope if he could get a doll like Ava's:

Ramsey asking Cope for a mermaid doll like this one:

Nice glasses Erin:

Ava thanking Ramsey for her present:

Several of our other college buds ad their kids were there too. It was so nice to see everyone and how much our lives have changed since having kids and being in the real world. I can say I am thankful we have such good friends to enjoy this crazy time in our lives with. What a joy!

Happy Birthday Ava! Thanks for inviting us to your super fun princess birthday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bringing Back the 80's!!!

Last Saturday we brought back the 1980's for sure! My friend Katie was having her 30th Birthday party and since she was born in the 80's that is what she chose for her theme. Cope couldn't go because he had a boys weekend with his college buddies already planned before we got the invite, so I carried enough 80's energy for both of us. I chose to go with the 80's workout gear:

The Party Crew:

Foot wear:

Me and Katie, the birthday girl:

Heather and Stephen Brown:

There was another party person dressed as Richard Simmons so we preformed a workout routine to "Lets Get Physical". :

Singing "Total Eclipse of The Heart":

Such a fun party! I have never had so much fun acting like a complete idiot. Happy Birthday Katie! Awesome Party!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Field Trip= Fun Day!

Today was our much anticipated field trip day to INK (the kids museum in Gainesville) and the water park in Gainesville. We left Cartersville early and made our way to G'ville. Since my Dad and Donna live in G'vill they met us at Ink and spent the day with me, Ramsey, My friend Heather, and her little girl Addison. We had been to Ink before but were eager to go again. Ramsey ask all the time "when can we go back to INK" Hopefully he will be appeased at least for a bit???

First stop was the playground room: Next Ramsey hit the Vets office where he gave medicine to the pretend sick doggies:

Choosing meds for a kitten:

Next we moved on to the grocery store:

Customer in training:

Then it was to the post office. He goes to the post office with me several times a week so this was super fun for him to pretend to be the worker:

Checking out the super cool train set:

At the doctors office he found two cute girls to to be his patients:

Fire Chief Ramsey:

Of Course he had to get o the 4-Wheeler:

He was totally into it if you can't tell"

Milking a cow:Police Man Driving to get the bad guys:

Ahoy Matey!!!:

Ramsey and Addison:

After a quick lunch at Moe's it was on to the aquatic center. Unfortunately as soon as we got there it started thundering so the outside water slides and splash park we're closed. No worries they have inside pools so we had fun anyway:

Before we left the aquatic center we made a stop at their playground:

Ramsey loved this spinning thing and Pops would spin him until he was dizzy and he'd try to walk and fall down and just laugh his head off:

Of course we could not have a field trip day without some frozen yogurt. Gainesville doesn't have a Menchies but they do have a "Sweet Monkey". It was pretty good and a great end to a FUN day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 31st Birthday- Girls Night Out!

My 31st Birthday was on July 5th and with vacation and all I haven't had a chance to post about it. My sister planned a fun night out in Atlanta for me. The day started off with lunch at Nava and then it was on to the W hotel to check in and get some time by the rooftop pool.

After some sun we got ready and downstairs was a bottle of champagne waiting on us at the bar. Yum!
Me and My sister Paige:

After a quick drink we got a taxi to meet up with 10 more of my friends at a Mexican cantina. I was so flattered so many of my friends would come all the way to Atlanta to celebrate my birthday. After dinner we headed to Sips N Strokes for an evening of painting.

Katie and Metta:
Everyone concentrating on their paintings:

Me and Heather Brown:

My finished Painting!

The whole gang:

After the painting a few of us went out for some more fun. It was so nice to have a girls night out especially with such a fun group of girls!