Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bringing Back the 80's!!!

Last Saturday we brought back the 1980's for sure! My friend Katie was having her 30th Birthday party and since she was born in the 80's that is what she chose for her theme. Cope couldn't go because he had a boys weekend with his college buddies already planned before we got the invite, so I carried enough 80's energy for both of us. I chose to go with the 80's workout gear:

The Party Crew:

Foot wear:

Me and Katie, the birthday girl:

Heather and Stephen Brown:

There was another party person dressed as Richard Simmons so we preformed a workout routine to "Lets Get Physical". :

Singing "Total Eclipse of The Heart":

Such a fun party! I have never had so much fun acting like a complete idiot. Happy Birthday Katie! Awesome Party!


Brandi Beals said...

Awesome!! I have totally been planning my 80's theme 30th birthday party for like 2 years! Next year is the year! Let me know any things you LOVED about the party (looked fab). I could always use some ideas!

Katie Jones said...

Happy birthday to me! Your outfit was awesome. I'm glad you had fun!!!

Beckie said...

You rocked it Momma!

Erin Duvall said...

This is seriously hilarious. Loved your outfit!