Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ava's Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for our good friends daughter, Ava who was turning 3. Ava's parents Vince and Erin are are good friends from college and they now live just 30 minutes from us. It was a pool party so it was fun for all. Here are some pics from the party:

Ramsey had the best time playing with Cope in the water. Stuff like this makes me nervous but Ramsey giggles with delight the whole time:

Ready for launch:

Being Man Handled:

My two favorite guys. So sweet!:


Ava's little brother Tripp:

Trying to Hula Hoop:

Opening presents. Erin was telling Ramsey to go ask Cope if he could get a doll like Ava's:

Ramsey asking Cope for a mermaid doll like this one:

Nice glasses Erin:

Ava thanking Ramsey for her present:

Several of our other college buds ad their kids were there too. It was so nice to see everyone and how much our lives have changed since having kids and being in the real world. I can say I am thankful we have such good friends to enjoy this crazy time in our lives with. What a joy!

Happy Birthday Ava! Thanks for inviting us to your super fun princess birthday!


Katy Toole said...

Good to see y'all too! Love the picture where it looks like Ramsey is walking on water.

Erin Duvall said...

So glad you posted. I am so behind. I'm so glad yall came. Ava saw the pictures and said she wanted to play with those kids again.