Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tellus Museum

Monday afternoon Cope and I took Ramsey to the new Tellus museum in our town. It was super neat and had a great area just for kids to do hand on types of things. Of course it had buttons and switches so Ramsey was in heaven. It was great that we decided to go on Monday because we were literally one of about 6 people in the whole place. It was huge and so Ramsey could run everywhere. He would push buttons and just grin because he was s thrilled he wasn't getting in trouble for it. It was a fun afternoon adventure for all and Ramsey was wiped out after running around the whole time.

Ramsey doing the fossil dig:

Ramsey was thrilled to see a real "choo choo"
Hard to tell but Ramsey's little face is in that suit:

Look, "fish":

Dump trucks and buttons, is there anything better in the life of a little boy?:
Next we ventured "outside" for some sun and by this time he was pretty tired so he caught a ride with "Dada":
So silly. Oh, and no those aren't jams, Capris, or pants, they are 18month size shorts and they kept falling down all day. I made him a little belt last week but these didn't have belt loops. Poor kid:If you look closely you can see Cope being run over by the big digger:

This thingy is what we call the "snort" if anyone has read the book "Are You My Mother" you'll know just what we're talking about:

He loved the dinosaurs and everytime he spotted a new one he would make a dinosaur noise. Funny how much his dinosaur and bear noises sound the same:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day at the Lake

Ramsey always enjoys afternoons spent out at my Mom and Morgan's lake home. On Sunday I took him over there to play with his cousin Ansley and get dirty in the stream. The plan was to float ping pong balls all the way down the stream but as you can tell from the pictures Ramsey much preferred the rocks, the biggest rocks he could find to throw. He was totally soaked and muddy when he was all done and seemed happy and content in his afternoons activities. We hosed him off outside and he seemed to think that was pretty neat too. It is totally fun having a little boy!

Ramsey and Ansley: Ramsey and Nama scout out good play spots in the stream:

Papa Morgan shows Ramsey a caterpillar:

The beginning of rock throwing:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weird... But Very Neat

My friend Brandy at who has done all of our family pictures since Ramsey was born was holding a contest for a "Day After" photo shoot. She does these for brides so they can have more intimate pictures made beyond the wedding day, church, reception, and such. She loves taking pictures out in nature and I love that no matter what she always seems to capture the "real" stuff and not just the posed stuff. The contest was for any bride that wanted wanted to re-capture some wedding day moments. It could be the day after your wedding, weeks after, or even years. So I thought why not enter us? I did and WE WON!!! Yep, we got a free photo shoot in our wedding best. I sort of consider it a before and after affect. I like that my hair was short in these and also that I didn't wear a veil. We had a great time this afternoon and much thanks to Brandy for capturing what we consider to be "us". It has been 5 years, 2 overseas deployments, 1 amazing little boy, and we're still very much in love but now with more wisdom, more appreciation, and more memories then ever. So without further ado here is our 'Day After" photo shoot:

Check out more of Brandy's amazing work at

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burning Up The Road

It seems as though we have been burning up the road lately. I'm can't recall every single trip we've taken lately but it seems like we are constantly on the go. Yesterday we took a trip to Cope's parents house again, this time for a wedding shower for Cope's cousin. We had a fun afternoon of just hanging out at his parents house, visiting a produce stand, a fabric store, and discount grocery store. Man I love a bargain! The shower was at 6:00pm which proved to be the "witching hour" for Ramsey. He was way over tired but he did fairly well. He barely ate and instead decided it was more fun to throw his strawberries and bread across the room. He actually hit another guy at the neighboring table with a berry. Oops. We headed for home about 8:30pm and Ramsey immediately crashed out. He slept till almost 8:00am this morning so to sum it up the little trip was a success!

This kid LOVES his milk! We call this one the "Big Gulp":Witching Hour:Photo op of all the cousins:Leila, Ramsey, Jackson, and Elijah:Chillin with Daddy:All the kiddos taking a ride on the mule:5 minutes into the ride home. He was asleep and still chugging away:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mothers Day Gift Idea

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Friday, April 24, 2009


As you can tell I had no idea Cope mas making a video as I was walking through. Anyway, Ramsey LOVES to push/drive most anything around these days and he loves to crash into things and say "BOOM"! He loves speed bumps on the road and even when we go over a railroad track he'll shout "boom" from the back seat. We are headed out shortly to watch our friend's 4 year old play in his first soccer game. I know Ramsey we'll love it but I have a feeling we'll have a hard time keeping him off the field???

Also, here is a funny picture from after his bath last night. he has outgrown his baby towels and now uses the BIG BOY ones. His little face looks so much rounder to me when his hair is flat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip with Daddy to B-Town

Cope and Ramsey took an afternoon trip on Monday to visit Cope's parents (AKA Grammy and Grampy) in Bowdon. I had a ton of work stuff to do so it allowed me some quite time in the "sweat shop". Ramsey seemed to have a fun time exploring every inch of the Rowell's home and yard. When Cope got him back home at 9:00pm Cope was able to put him right in his bed and he went right back to sleep and slept till 7:30am! Very Cool! It is nice to have an afternoon on occasion to myself and Cope keeps me updated with text pictures of the fun adventures Ramsey is having. Cope had to do a speech for a club in Carrollton that evening about having gone to Iraq and Afghanistan and it went well. Also, it was Jim's (Grampy's) Birthday so hope it was a good one. I know 2 guys that were happy they could be there to celebrate it with you. Thanks too Judy (Grammy) for playing with our little WILD child. He said he had fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Like Father Like Son

Ramsey and his Daddy seem to already have lots of hobbies in common. Here is one of Ramsey's newest favorites...4 Wheelin'.

Ramsey mostly likes to just push his around. Since we finally charged the battery on his he is a little frustrated and likes to be in control of where it goes and how fast. Hum, wonder where he gets that from? Anyway, he is such a little sponge lately and we often catch him doing things that we've just done. Here is one example of him already learning where the 4 wheeler goes. He just cracks us up.