Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ikea Morning

Friday morning my friend Kelly invited Ramsey and I to go on a trip to Ikea with she and Ty (Ramsey's BFF). I had never been to an Ikea before and was blown away. It is amazing! Bargains everywhere. The boys were so happy to be together and were too cute all day. Ramsey did great with telling me when he needed to potty and I'd rush across the store like a mad woman.

Ikea has a very cool cafe where through August kids eat for free. So the boys dined on mac and cheese and fries and Kelly and I had wraps and fruit. It was a fun morning and I ended up with a new little table for my sewing center ( I know have 5 machines :). Here are some pictures from out little adventure:

Ty and Ramsey wanted to share the same buggy. Here they are sharing a snack.:
Ty posing in the kids area. Isn't he adorable?:

Ramsey doing some cooking:

Tag teaming the job:
The boys playing hind and seek in these cool chairs:

The boys holding hands through the parking garage:

Watching Toy Story on the way home. Ramsey had never seen a video in a car so he was mesmerized:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Post

Waiting on the Ice Cream Man after his nap:

Showing off his Muscles:

Ramsey loves his froggy potty. He even loves to dump it in the big potty and flush!:

Sliding before swim lessons start:

Hanging out with Pops:
Eating Cake with his buddy Avery:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monkey Joe Morning

We hit Monkey Joes this morning for some fun with friends before all the craziness of preschool and fall time schedules get going. Ramsey and 3 of his little buddies went and all had a blast. Ramsey is getting so grown up. I could actually sit and talk to the other mommies some and not worry about his needing help of getting hurt but I did check in on him from time to time and found him pushing a kid off a motorcycle game. Bully. Anyway, it was fun morning and I love that Ramsey has buddies that have great mommies. We played until they were good and sweaty and then headed to chic-fil-a for some yummy lunch. Fun times were had by all.

I could not capture any pictures of Ramsey on the bouncy stuff as he was entirely too active for pictures. Here he and Ty are riding some elephants which Ramsey LOVES:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend

Cope had a military ball in Columbus, GA so Friday afternoon we loaded everyone up and dropped the dogs at my moms and then headed to Cope's parents in Bowdon to drop Ramsey off for the weekend. Ramsey loves hanging with Cope's parents so he was in no distress when we left. Cope and I had a fun and relaxing weekend. The ball was LONG but I am glad I went to be there for Cope and meet some of his friends from drill and their wives. I am so proud of Cope for the work he does.

Ramsey had the most fun of all it seems as he is still talking about all the fun he had. Here is is playing a little hide and seek:
There was a concert in downtown Bowdon and Ramsey hung out with the Rainwater boys all night. Will (blonde hair) was his idol. :Judy said Ramsey and Will danced to the band all night long. Ramsey has new dance moves to prove it:
Not sure what he was doing here but underwear on the head is always fun:
Grammy and Grampy said Ramsey had no potty accidents all weekend and even pooped on his own (he likes privacy) emptied it in the big potty and flushed it away. This kid is doing really well at potty training. I am so thankful for this. I guess the strong willed thing is working in our favor this time. Whoo Hoo!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Broken Heart?

Ramsey somehow hurt his knee last night by landing funny on one of his little trucks. He didn't walk for like 30 minutes and instead duck waddled around the house. I knew he wasn't really too hurt since he wasn't crying but I still try to be sympathetic just in case. He kept saying his heart was broken while pointing at his knee. I am not sure why he was calling it his heart but it was pretty funny how pitiful he was about it. He seems to be just fine this morning so no broken hearts here!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Know You've Got a 21/2 Year Old Boy when...

You know you are the Mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy when...

-You have to clean out pieces of chicken nugget from the your car CD player because he thought it was fun to hearl them from the backseat.

-You find your self cleaning pee off the wall that is near his potty.

-You go on a nice spa outing with a girlfriend only to find to a sippy cup and race cars filling your purse

-You can recite the movie Cars in your sleep and you know more then 50 characters by name.

-You pick out your daily outfit based on sitting in the floor at public story time. No skirts or shorts for this lady.

-You find yourself saying things to your demanding child that you swore you'd never say when he ask "why?". My responses these day "Because I'm the boss", "Just Because", "Because I'm the Mommy and your the Kid".

-You are constantly singing little tunes stuck in your head like "Super readers song from Super Why" "Between the Lions" and "Curious George".

-But most of all you know your a Mom of a 2 and 1/2 year old boy when your hear is filled to the brim with love and pride for the child they are and the child they are becoming. It is the hardest job in the world but it brings the biggest rewards. Having Ramsey randomly say "Mommy, I wuv you" is just the BEST!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Potty Training Week One

Yesterday marked one week that we've been at this potty training thing and Ramsey is doing GREAT! I am so proud of him. He has had very few accidents but we are still working on the whole poop thing. He is getting it but a little slower. He had school camp from 9-12:00 three days this week and didn't have one accident. His teachers said he told him when he had to go. he has even woken me twice this week in the middle of the night to take him to the potty. That is one of the few things this mom doesn't mind getting up for. He has even learned to pull down his own underwear and go and then pull them back up. He proved this while I was in the shower yesterday.

I feared potty training for so long because Ramsey can be so stubborn and head strong but I think this time it is working to our advantage. Did I mention I am so proud of him. It is funny what things can totally intimidate us but in most cases it ends up not being quite so bad. So for now we have a little man who is well on his way to being "Potty Trained" and this mom is thrilled!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Banner Week For Ramsey

Ramsey has had a BIG BOY week! It started off last Thursday with a haircut. I love his curls but I love it short too. He looks so grown up with it short. He went pee on the potty before his nap and stayed dry during nap and then peed and pooped on the potty after he woke up. My mom was watching him that afternoon and said she would be brave enough to take him in underwear instead of a diaper. It wasn't a great first day. He peed on my sisters floor at her work. Nice! I just made up my mind that we were going to move forward and not look back. I've learned this strength from Ramsey. It his is style of change.

So long story short he is getting better and better each day. I'm not one of these Moms that can just stay home and potty train and Ramsey enjoys visiting new pottys so we've still been doing our errands and praying. Yesterday was his first day of no accidents and even called me during the night to take him potty even though he still wears a diaper at night. I am SO PROUD OF HIM! He is doing great!

While we were already in change mode I decided to go all the way and get him into a big boy bed. His crib did not convert so we took it apart and up to the attic it went. He loves his new twin bed and has not skipped a beat in the sleep department. I dreaded these changes for SO LONG but truth be told neither of them has been all that bad. The potty training is at times intense and disgusting but oh well. Also, I think I ask him at least 200 times a day "tell mommy if you need to potty, Do you need to go potty, etc" My little charge is quite a big kid these days and I love it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

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