Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ikea Morning

Friday morning my friend Kelly invited Ramsey and I to go on a trip to Ikea with she and Ty (Ramsey's BFF). I had never been to an Ikea before and was blown away. It is amazing! Bargains everywhere. The boys were so happy to be together and were too cute all day. Ramsey did great with telling me when he needed to potty and I'd rush across the store like a mad woman.

Ikea has a very cool cafe where through August kids eat for free. So the boys dined on mac and cheese and fries and Kelly and I had wraps and fruit. It was a fun morning and I ended up with a new little table for my sewing center ( I know have 5 machines :). Here are some pictures from out little adventure:

Ty and Ramsey wanted to share the same buggy. Here they are sharing a snack.:
Ty posing in the kids area. Isn't he adorable?:

Ramsey doing some cooking:

Tag teaming the job:
The boys playing hind and seek in these cool chairs:

The boys holding hands through the parking garage:

Watching Toy Story on the way home. Ramsey had never seen a video in a car so he was mesmerized:

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Cristin said...

We used to love to go to Ikea in Germany! I haven't been to the one in Atlanta yet but I hope to!