Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Destin Family Vacation

Last week was a Rowell family vacation with Cope's family (his Sister, Julie and her family, Cope's parents, and us). We headed down to Destin on Monday and we stayed in a big beach house where everyone had plenty of space. It was so nice for Ramsey to get a chance to play with his cousins Mattie(8) and Caroline (almost 6). We don't get to see them often enough and Ramsey was just i awe over the girls. I will say it was probably the easiest week of parenting ever because he was so entertained. Here are some pics (totally out of order) of of fun adventure:
We celebrated Judy's (Grammy's) birthday on that Thursday:We also celebrated all the other July Birthdays too:We hit the Bay Cafe for birthday lunch:Ramsey was a total fish in the pool:Cope and I went on a date one night and Ramsey stayed with "the girls" and Cope's parents:The weather was pretty bad all week but we did make it down to the beach for a little bit. The oil wasn't bad either but you would occasionally step in a little tar ball:Family dinner at Pampano Joes:Ramsey loving on Caroline:Enjoying the evening:Beach gazing:Mattie spent a lot of the week reading. This girl loves her some books:Ramsey colored in his spare time:Our house had a pool so we spent lots of time there:Cope and Mattie we constantly picking on each other in the pool:Time to head home:


Cristin said...

Hope you had a great birthday! I tried to leave a comment for you yesterday, but my computer wouldn't cooperate.

Holli said...

Looks fun!

Brandi Beals said...

fun stuff!! I am jealous!