Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monkey Joe Morning

We hit Monkey Joes this morning for some fun with friends before all the craziness of preschool and fall time schedules get going. Ramsey and 3 of his little buddies went and all had a blast. Ramsey is getting so grown up. I could actually sit and talk to the other mommies some and not worry about his needing help of getting hurt but I did check in on him from time to time and found him pushing a kid off a motorcycle game. Bully. Anyway, it was fun morning and I love that Ramsey has buddies that have great mommies. We played until they were good and sweaty and then headed to chic-fil-a for some yummy lunch. Fun times were had by all.

I could not capture any pictures of Ramsey on the bouncy stuff as he was entirely too active for pictures. Here he and Ty are riding some elephants which Ramsey LOVES:

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