Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm A Man!

Ramsey was inside playing on Saturday and I was back in my room getting ready for the day. Cope was outside doing yard work and had started up the lawn mower. I heard Ramsey run to the front door and open it. I came into the room and said "just what do you think your doing" and he said "I'm a man! I have to do yard work". I don't encourage running out the front door without him asking us first but I just laughed and said "go ahead". He quickly found his little lawn mower and stated helping Cope. I just love how Ramsey thinks his Daddy has hung the moon and wants to be just like him. Ramsey even told me a week or so ago that he was going to be a soldier like Daddy. Umm, we"ll see....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Despicable ME

Yesterday after nap time Cope and I took Ramsey and his buddy Ty to the movies to see Despicable ME. Ty's mommy met us there to drop him off and the boys were so happy to be together. They are just so sweet together.
Walking into the movies:
Checking out the scene:
We had popcorn, juice boxes, and gummies. Ty sat through the movie like a pro but Ramsey was a little more restless. I swear it is like energy just surges through his little body. He had to get up a few times to potty and said he was ready to go half way through the movie but we managed to keep him calm and make it through the entire movie! It is a really cute movie and I recommend it to anyone with little kids.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Outings

Last Friday My sister (Paige) Her boyfriend (Jay), my friend (Katie) and myself went to see Jack Johnson in concert at Lakewood. We all had a blast but the rain had us leaving the concert early and sloshing through the mud back to the car. Oh well, small price to pay for a big girl night out.
Me and Katie:Katie, Me, and Paige:Oh, and 2 weeks ago Cope and I had a fun date night to a Falcons preseason game. I had only been in the Dome before for high school football playoffs so this was a neat change of pace and with a handsome date I enjoyed my evening out.
See I do get out...on occasion! :) Truthfully though I am such a homebody and could be just as content to spend each night at home on the sofa watching some good crime mystery and doing some sewing work or just hanging with my guys.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can you spot Ramsey?

Ramsey spent the weekend in Bowdon last week and attended a memorial for his great,great,great grandfather. See if you can spot the wild man at his finest???
I took Ramsey to Bowdon last Friday because Cope was out of town for a work trip and I went to a Jack Johnson concert with my sister and friend, Katie. I spent all day Saturday working and Ramsey came back home on Sunday. It was super weird having the house to myself but secretly a nice break from the norm. I was happy to have my guys back home and even though a little break is nice on occasion I still much prefer family life and craziness and joy it brings!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day back To Preschool

Today was Ramsey's first day back to preschool for the year. He is going 3 days a week this year. I will probably just bump him up one day each year until it is time for actual kindergarten. He woke up excited and we got out the door on time arrived at school with smiles. He walked right in and started playing. I asked him if he was ok for me to go and he said yes, and gave me a hug and kiss. He is such a big little boy these days. I headed home to get some work done and then went back a few hours later to get him. He was full of stories and his teachers said he did great! He used the potty, used his manners, and did not get into trouble. So the preschool year is off to a good start and I am so thankful! oh, and I also got to hear his new song "E-I-E-I-O" on the way home. Fun days ahead!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Favorite New song!!!

I caught this new song on the radio in my car this morning and it was so sweet I just wanted to share. It is one of those broken hearted love songs and it made me so thankful that I have the RIGHT guy in my life (Cope of course!) who is drama free and the man who is beyond my wildest dream, but it made me reflect on those those days where I was just praying God had had plan bigger then me. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Body Art

Ramsey loves most anything related to painting or coloring (wonder where he gets his craftiness?). On Sunday Cope was fixing dinner and I was helping a friend learn her new embroidery machine. It occured to me I hadn't heard Ramsey for a few minutes and we quickly found him in the closet under our stairs coloring his entire arms and face with markers. Last night I had promised him we would paint after dinner and we did. Since it was getting close to bath time I had the fun idea of doing a little body art on him. He loved it! I also let him paint my face. I tried to enforce the idea that we can only paint on stuff other then paper when "mommy says it's ok". Only time will tell if he retained the lesson?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Man Work

Yesterday Cope bought a new weed eater and was outside doctoring our lawn. Ramsey was outside being a spectator and I was inside doing something domestic for sure. Ramsey came running in to find me and said "I NEED MY CHAINSAW" I said "ok, why?" and he said "because it is loud". Cope had gotten out the blower and Ramsey decided he needed something just as intense as that. So with toy chainsaw in hand he went out to do some man work with Daddy.
He also loves to use his little lawnmower anytime Cope is also cutting the grass:

A little boy and his Dad. It makes me smile to watch the two of them. So sweet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a T-Rex

Ramsey loves to watch the Dinasaur Train in the morning and here he is singing the T-Rex song.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Touch A Truck

Last night downtown Cartersville was having a Touch-A-Truck fundraiser. So of course Ramsey was excited to go. Exhibit A: We met Cope for BBQ since he was coming home from drill and then off to the truck event we headed. First stop was the big rig:

Then it was on to "Sarge":


Police Car:
It was neat because they would let the kids sit in the driver seats and eve honk the horn and do the sirens. Pretty much a dream come true for a little boy:

Front End Loader: There were lots of other trucks including a firetruck and an RV. Ramsey got scared by one of the big trucks horns that went off right as he was approaching it. He clung to Cope like koala cub. Other then that it was neat little kid event. Ramsey said his favorite truck was "the bus that was a house" meaning the RV. Great, next thing you know I'll be making him a t-shirt with an RV on it. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Walking in Daddy's Shoes

Forgive me loyal readers (few but beloved) as it is back to school time in our town and my business has been SUPER BUSY. Kids need names on their backpacks, custom first day of school shirts and more. Blogging is taking a slight backseat until I come up for air. Be back soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend

We had a fun day Saturday because it included 2 kids birthday parties. In the morning we headed to Douglasville for our friends from college little girls birthday. Miss Ava turned 2! Ramsey was on his best behavior the entire time and once Erin found him 2 little cars in her moms attic he was set. It was so good to see our old friends and catch up a bit. Erin and Vince are expecting baby #2 and will be moving back to Georgia from Ft. Rucker, AL very soon. Hopefully we can hang out more.

We left that party about 1:30 and headed for Cartersville. Ramsey napped on the ride, thank goodness. We got to party number 2 at 3:30. This one was from my friend Katie's little diva, Miss Kendall. It was a great party with an ice cream theme. There was an ice cream bar which was yummy. I got vanilla with cookie dough. Ramsey cared nothing about eating or the party as he only wanted to be in the toy room. He made it until about 5:00 where he started melting down. After a few tantrums over toys (that weren't even his) we left.

I just love kids birthday parties. Ramsey enjoys them and everyone is always in a good mood (minus the tantrums). There is always cake and good food and it it is just a time to catch up and gab about your kids. So our Saturday was busy but very entertaining.

What Cope did during some of the party:
Ramsey and Ty in the playhouse: