Sunday, August 29, 2010

Despicable ME

Yesterday after nap time Cope and I took Ramsey and his buddy Ty to the movies to see Despicable ME. Ty's mommy met us there to drop him off and the boys were so happy to be together. They are just so sweet together.
Walking into the movies:
Checking out the scene:
We had popcorn, juice boxes, and gummies. Ty sat through the movie like a pro but Ramsey was a little more restless. I swear it is like energy just surges through his little body. He had to get up a few times to potty and said he was ready to go half way through the movie but we managed to keep him calm and make it through the entire movie! It is a really cute movie and I recommend it to anyone with little kids.

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Julie said...

And big kids. And adults. GREAT movie. We listen to the theme song almost every morning during breakfast!!