Sunday, August 8, 2010

Touch A Truck

Last night downtown Cartersville was having a Touch-A-Truck fundraiser. So of course Ramsey was excited to go. Exhibit A: We met Cope for BBQ since he was coming home from drill and then off to the truck event we headed. First stop was the big rig:

Then it was on to "Sarge":


Police Car:
It was neat because they would let the kids sit in the driver seats and eve honk the horn and do the sirens. Pretty much a dream come true for a little boy:

Front End Loader: There were lots of other trucks including a firetruck and an RV. Ramsey got scared by one of the big trucks horns that went off right as he was approaching it. He clung to Cope like koala cub. Other then that it was neat little kid event. Ramsey said his favorite truck was "the bus that was a house" meaning the RV. Great, next thing you know I'll be making him a t-shirt with an RV on it. :)

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