Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend

We had a fun day Saturday because it included 2 kids birthday parties. In the morning we headed to Douglasville for our friends from college little girls birthday. Miss Ava turned 2! Ramsey was on his best behavior the entire time and once Erin found him 2 little cars in her moms attic he was set. It was so good to see our old friends and catch up a bit. Erin and Vince are expecting baby #2 and will be moving back to Georgia from Ft. Rucker, AL very soon. Hopefully we can hang out more.

We left that party about 1:30 and headed for Cartersville. Ramsey napped on the ride, thank goodness. We got to party number 2 at 3:30. This one was from my friend Katie's little diva, Miss Kendall. It was a great party with an ice cream theme. There was an ice cream bar which was yummy. I got vanilla with cookie dough. Ramsey cared nothing about eating or the party as he only wanted to be in the toy room. He made it until about 5:00 where he started melting down. After a few tantrums over toys (that weren't even his) we left.

I just love kids birthday parties. Ramsey enjoys them and everyone is always in a good mood (minus the tantrums). There is always cake and good food and it it is just a time to catch up and gab about your kids. So our Saturday was busy but very entertaining.

What Cope did during some of the party:
Ramsey and Ty in the playhouse:

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