Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at Play School

Ramsey had his first little party at play school yesterday morning. Cope had the day off of work so we both got to go and my Mom and Morgan came over too. It was soooo cute. Ramsey of course is in the youngest class so none of them really knew much about what was going on. Ramsey just stood there most of the time looking all around but he never looked scared or anything. It is so weird being a parent. My heart just burst with joy to watch him. He looked so innocent among all those other kids. Then getting to smother him with praise afterwards was just the BEST! Here is just a little clip from the 8 song performance:
After the stage we all went upstairs with out kiddos to their classrooms for parties: Ramsey had his first taste of Oreos and said "good"!:

Ready to go home after his big morning:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

After Ramsey's nap today my Mom and I met in downtown Cartersville for our their annual business Trick Or Treating. Here are some pictures from our afternoon adventure:
Ramsey wasn't too sure about this whole thing at first. It was like 80 degrees and his costume was insulated:
Not sure what he should do?:
Free Suckers! He was in!:

Very satisfied with his sucker find:
I was shocked that he sat still long enough for me to take a few pictures. It must be the sucker?:

Thanks to my BFF Katie for letting us borrow the cute doggie costume:

Papa Morgan's Law office is downtown so we stopped by to say hello and change Ramsey into his play clothes before heading home with Nama. He thought streaking the office was way more fun then Trick Or Treating:

We have a busy next few days. Ramsey has a party at play school in the morning and is then spending the night with Nama and Papa so Cope and I can attend our Adults only neighborhood Halloween Party. Saturday after the UGA game our friends are coming over with their son Ty to do some neighborhood candy getting. Hope to be back with more pics form our adventures soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Couldn't Love A Face Like This?

We Sure Do! Miss Sage is still the sweetest girl even with a punk for a doggie brother and a WILD child for her human brother.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Akin Fall Festival

Sunday afternoon My Mom and Morgan held their first Fall Festival out at their little river house. We all brought our own pumpkins to carve and we had my sister, Paige (located in NYC) and my Sister-in law, Cindy (located in South GA) to be the judges via computer. Even though mine wasn't a winner it was still fun and festive. We had great food and my Mom and Morgan went all out with Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Yeast Rolls, Green Beans, and for desert was individual, homemade apple dumplings. Can I get an Amen? It was heaven! Besides that we all just played around with the kiddies outside and caught up on each others lives a bit. Cope's parents came down, which was nice and even though Cope had drill he still made it just in time for dinner. Here are some pics from the fun fall afternoon:

Grampy and Ramsey playing some croquet:

Ramsey in his "I'm mad" stance:

Pumpkin carvers at work:
Mom (aka Nama) showing Ramsey about the shape sorter pumpkin she made for him:
Ramsey helping me with the goop:
Hammering the croquet balls:

Strolling with Papa Morgan:
Standing in line to wash his pears he picked off the tree:

Playing with Ansley and Connor at the shape sorter:

Lined up for Judging (mine is on the far left #7. It is supposed to be Curious George?):

Ansley and Papa returning from more pear picking: It was a fun afternoon. Thanks for hosting Mom and Morgan!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Boy Hair Cut

Ramsey has had about 3 or 4 hair cuts to date and my kind friend, Kim has come to our house thinking it would Ramsey more comfortable and we just put him in his high chair and turned on some cartoons. We'll he began to totally hate it as he is so comfortable in his own environment he doesn't hesitate to come unglued these days. Kim, has had a busy schedule and asked if I thought it would be okay to just bring him to her salon on Saturday morning. I thought, we'll it can't be too much worse then at home. Much to my pleasant surprise Ramsey was PERFECT ! He got a sucker right when we got there and sat still and admired his sweet reflection in the mirror. So, who new the unfamiliar environment would prove to be better? I guess I should take this as a lesson to keep him on his toes for optimum behavior???

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I think He's Got It!

Ramsey has started saying his first and last name. It is so cute when they just pick up on something. He also has learned that his Daddy's name is "Cope". He must not realize I have a name other then "Mommy" too???


Picture Post

How many much stuff can you cram into doggie crate? Check out those abs (maybe he can give his Momma some pointers):Juice break with Daddy at Bounce N Beans:
Posing in his cute outfit for Church:
Faking the "cheese" smile:Looking at Trucks on the computer with Miss Christine:
The sweetest little sleeper:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gold Rush 2009

Despite having been held captive in our home this past week by that darn stomach virus we were determined to bust out and make it to Gold Rush in Dahlonega this year. We haven't been since we graduated from North Georgia in 2003, probably due to the fact that we lived in upstate NY for 4 of those years. We got up and got going early and made it to D-town (Dahlonega) about 10:30 where we were greeted but rain and very cold air. We bundled up and and went on. We made it around to most all the booths and then realized it was only 11:30, we were freezing and our friends hadn't even gotten to town yet. So we made a pit stop at the student center, went to get some lunch, and then drove a sleepy little boy around for an hour nap. After that we finally met up with some favorite friends at our old watering hole (El Maugey). I'm not sure what the deal was but Ramsey had a complete tantrum/meltdown right when we got there. I could not tell if he was scared of something or just overwhelmed by so many people wanting his attention. He was in a full on RAGE. That sort of stunk since it was the first time some of our buddies had met out normally WILD and happy little guy. Between Cope and I we manage a quick visit, a quick beer, and also managed to calm Ramsey down somewhat. Although he still refused to be pleasant??? Oh, well. I suppose that is life with kids at time huh? Other then that he was really well behaved all day but did not want to ride in his stroller and wanted to be carried. Our forearms are totally sore today.

After that we headed to Gainesville to my Dad and Donna's house for dinner. Ramsey made himself right at home and once my dad gifted him with a new toy car he was set for the evening. We had a good dinner of burgers, fries, sweet tea, and yummy dessert. Around 8:00pm we got Ramsey in his PJ's and headed for home. Ramsey conked out by the time we got on the interstate. So as you can tell it was a busy overall but a much needed out of the house getaway.

Here are some pics from our adventure:
Ramsey is mad because I'm taking his picture:Mad to be riding in the dumb ole stroller:Finally happy to be in out of the cold weather:Posing at the place where this Rowell family all began:Catching a quick drink while waiting on some friends:The best project we've done since college, being parents:Sucker from the restaurant owner he gave Ramsey during his meltdown:Late night milk and TV with Pops:Making Cope "cheese" for my camera:Headed for home with one sleepy little boy:

Friday, October 16, 2009

On The Mend

Yesterday I could not take it anymore after a LONG night of no sleep so I took Ramsey to the Doctor just to double check things and make sure there wasn't something I was missing. I mean after 7 days of this virus crap my stamina and optimism was wavering. The doc said he looked hydrated enough and hadn't lost very much weight (really??? This kid seriously hasn't kept hardly anything down since last Friday). I just needed to have a professional tell me it was simply a nasty virus and she said it looked like he is about to turn the corner. I also realized going to the doctor yesterday morning it was the first time I had left the house in 5 days. The sun was blinding. I realized the world keeps on moving even if were not in it. I hate we dropped off the face of the Earth this past week but it did force us to all slow down, cuddle more, be even more appreciative of the healthy, crazy, WILD man, and also I've caught up on tons of Random to-do things around the house. I'm hoping we can venture out a little today.

I have to give a BIG shout out to my Mom for helping me out. She was willing to risk the dreaded bug just to help me and Ramsey. Unfortunately my Step-Dad Morgan did catch it. He is a lawyer and in spite of feeling like total crap has had a busy week full of meetings and depositions. My mom watched Ramsey most of the day so I could take a nap myself and not have to check into a mental hospital. Did I mention my stamina was on empty? So thanks Mom, we all appreciate it!

Cope is back to work and we are all doing much better. So busy world don't forget about us, we're back!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Cope just called me at 7:00am to say he just got to work but has caught our stomach bug. He said he has been up since 4:00am and since I, myself have been hit by a mack truck I am O-U-T at night and had no idea. Poor Guy, he is supposed to start a new position at work today and HAS to do some inprocessing before he could possible try to leave and call it a "sick day". If he doesn't inprocess for the new position we won't have medical insurance (which if you can tell by my latest post, we totally need :) So hopefully he can get that done fast and make the hour drive back home where Ramsey and I will hopefully be feeling better and able to take very good care of him. This is a nasty virus and we'll try to keep ourselves under house arrest until it passes. In the meantime we'd greatly appreciate a quick prayer that this house invader leave the 3 of us alone soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick Days

I have caught Ramsey's stomach bug (which he is still not over) so we are both pretty pitiful. Thankfully Cope was off work yesterday and was there to take care of us both. Today we're hanging in there. I'm letting Ramsey watch more TV these past few days then he probably watches in a month. Hey, don't judge. We're doing what works. My Mom is going to help with Ramsey this afternoon so I can take a nap and try to get over this mess myself. I don't feel like vomiting anymore, I just feel like I have been hit by a big truck. I called Ramsey's nurse at his doctors office yesterday to see if I should bring him in. She said as long as he is staying hydrated and not running a high fever there is not much they can do and to give the virus a few more days to run it course. AWESOME! He is keeping goldfish and Gatorade down this far. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we'll be on the mend soon. Being sick really stinks!