Monday, October 5, 2009

UGA Game

Cope and I went toe the UGA vs. LSU game this past Saturday. Georgia lost but we had a great time anyway. Ramsey had a sleepover with Cope's parents which went really well and the dogs had a little getaway at my Moms. Aren't Grandparents just the best? Cope and I met up with a great college friend and his very nice wife. We played bean bag toss, had some drinks, and ate some good tailgating foods. The it was off to the game. I'm not sure the last time I've ever watched a whole football game and thought I might be bored but it was so much fun. The game was pretty tight right up till the end. I was even jumping in my seat at one point. After the game we went to a late dinner then Cope and I made the LONG trip back to our house where we arrived at midnight to get up and get going by 9:00am the next morning and drive to Bowdon to attend church and meet back up with Ramsey. We had both missed him very much.

Overall it was a busy weekend full of lots of driving but Cope and I got some much needed couple time and Ramsey got to get full attention from his Grammy and Grampy. Oh, and the dogs were happy to see us too!

GO DAWGS! Sorry our attendence din't help the score. Maybe next time?

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jill said...

looks like fun! love the couple time! i think it's FINALLY our turn this weekend. :) loves to r!!!