Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gold Rush 2009

Despite having been held captive in our home this past week by that darn stomach virus we were determined to bust out and make it to Gold Rush in Dahlonega this year. We haven't been since we graduated from North Georgia in 2003, probably due to the fact that we lived in upstate NY for 4 of those years. We got up and got going early and made it to D-town (Dahlonega) about 10:30 where we were greeted but rain and very cold air. We bundled up and and went on. We made it around to most all the booths and then realized it was only 11:30, we were freezing and our friends hadn't even gotten to town yet. So we made a pit stop at the student center, went to get some lunch, and then drove a sleepy little boy around for an hour nap. After that we finally met up with some favorite friends at our old watering hole (El Maugey). I'm not sure what the deal was but Ramsey had a complete tantrum/meltdown right when we got there. I could not tell if he was scared of something or just overwhelmed by so many people wanting his attention. He was in a full on RAGE. That sort of stunk since it was the first time some of our buddies had met out normally WILD and happy little guy. Between Cope and I we manage a quick visit, a quick beer, and also managed to calm Ramsey down somewhat. Although he still refused to be pleasant??? Oh, well. I suppose that is life with kids at time huh? Other then that he was really well behaved all day but did not want to ride in his stroller and wanted to be carried. Our forearms are totally sore today.

After that we headed to Gainesville to my Dad and Donna's house for dinner. Ramsey made himself right at home and once my dad gifted him with a new toy car he was set for the evening. We had a good dinner of burgers, fries, sweet tea, and yummy dessert. Around 8:00pm we got Ramsey in his PJ's and headed for home. Ramsey conked out by the time we got on the interstate. So as you can tell it was a busy overall but a much needed out of the house getaway.

Here are some pics from our adventure:
Ramsey is mad because I'm taking his picture:Mad to be riding in the dumb ole stroller:Finally happy to be in out of the cold weather:Posing at the place where this Rowell family all began:Catching a quick drink while waiting on some friends:The best project we've done since college, being parents:Sucker from the restaurant owner he gave Ramsey during his meltdown:Late night milk and TV with Pops:Making Cope "cheese" for my camera:Headed for home with one sleepy little boy:


Brandi Beals said...

I am so jealous! I hope yall had a great time despite the rain and minor melt down. :)

Mylinda said...

We were home all weekend with a tummy bug, too. Mainly Jimmy. Good for you guys getting out there and braving the weather! Looks like a lot of fun.

The Tooles said...

Glad you got to go to Gold Rush, despite the crappy weather. I'm hoping we will be able to go next year..if Justin ends up in GA for grad school. I too discovered the power of suckers this weekend!

Erin Duvall said...

So good to hang out with you guys this weekend for a short period of time. And don't worry, I knew Ramsey was not usually like that. Just not in his element. He is still a cutie and I can't wait till he and Ava can play together.