Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at Play School

Ramsey had his first little party at play school yesterday morning. Cope had the day off of work so we both got to go and my Mom and Morgan came over too. It was soooo cute. Ramsey of course is in the youngest class so none of them really knew much about what was going on. Ramsey just stood there most of the time looking all around but he never looked scared or anything. It is so weird being a parent. My heart just burst with joy to watch him. He looked so innocent among all those other kids. Then getting to smother him with praise afterwards was just the BEST! Here is just a little clip from the 8 song performance:
After the stage we all went upstairs with out kiddos to their classrooms for parties: Ramsey had his first taste of Oreos and said "good"!:

Ready to go home after his big morning:


Christine said...

Yeah :) Come a long ways since last halloween!

Julie said...

Yay!! It looks like you had fun and I LOVE knowing that you were all together having fun. Ramsey is growing up fast just like my girls. Maybe next year we will be close enough to join you for trick or treat?