Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

So I suppose I haven't posted much about how Ramsey is doing in play school. He is doing great and it truly has been good for us both so far. He is very into calling things "mine" and learning to share. He also almost always eats a good snack there and the teachers even asked me to send more with him??? Umm, do we have the right kid??? It is so cute when I get him as we are both happy to be reunited and I ask him all about his morning and this is pretty much how our conversation goes...

Me: Ramsey did you have a fun time at school?
R: Share!!!
Me: Did you share well with the other kids?
R: Trouble
Me: Did you get in trouble?
R: Sweet
Me: Did you eat a good snack?
R: Juice, gold fish
Me: What else did you do?
R: Play, trucks, Ty Ty (best buddy)

So I don't get every detail I'd like but he seems happy and always has cute papers he has colored to show us and we ooh and ahh over what a little artist he is, scribbles and all. He seems to be just fine when I drop him off and gives me a kiss and say "bye bye" and sometimes "love you".

Anyway, yesterday his little class had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch. Cope had the day off so we we stoked to be able to go with him. We got there in out finest fall wear, bought our tickets, and then the rain came. It only rained about 20 minutes but since there were so many little kids and not enough shelter they called off the event and rescheduled for next week. Oh well. We had fun anyway and got some cute pics too...


Ashley said...

Love all the pictures with the pumpkins. I bet watching all the other kids eat at play school helped him to want to eat. That's great! :)

Jae and Sierra said...

did you do the shirts??? if so...I want two!

Brandi Beals said...

Is his playschool like a mom's day out type thing? I would love to find Griffin something like that out here. Love the pictures!

Erin Duvall said...

Too cute! I agree with Ashley, maybe if I start sending Ava away she'll see other kids eating and want to eat more as well.