Friday, October 16, 2009

On The Mend

Yesterday I could not take it anymore after a LONG night of no sleep so I took Ramsey to the Doctor just to double check things and make sure there wasn't something I was missing. I mean after 7 days of this virus crap my stamina and optimism was wavering. The doc said he looked hydrated enough and hadn't lost very much weight (really??? This kid seriously hasn't kept hardly anything down since last Friday). I just needed to have a professional tell me it was simply a nasty virus and she said it looked like he is about to turn the corner. I also realized going to the doctor yesterday morning it was the first time I had left the house in 5 days. The sun was blinding. I realized the world keeps on moving even if were not in it. I hate we dropped off the face of the Earth this past week but it did force us to all slow down, cuddle more, be even more appreciative of the healthy, crazy, WILD man, and also I've caught up on tons of Random to-do things around the house. I'm hoping we can venture out a little today.

I have to give a BIG shout out to my Mom for helping me out. She was willing to risk the dreaded bug just to help me and Ramsey. Unfortunately my Step-Dad Morgan did catch it. He is a lawyer and in spite of feeling like total crap has had a busy week full of meetings and depositions. My mom watched Ramsey most of the day so I could take a nap myself and not have to check into a mental hospital. Did I mention my stamina was on empty? So thanks Mom, we all appreciate it!

Cope is back to work and we are all doing much better. So busy world don't forget about us, we're back!!!

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jill said...

glad to hear you guys are at least a little better. i HATE stomach bugs. i'd rather have strep or something like that. ha! hope y'all get plenty of fresh air this weekend!