Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Week Scare

So last Thursday Morning Ramsey woke up crying and saying his neck hurt. I thought he would shake it off once he got up and stated moving and playing but he just wanted to be held and he kept crying. I needed to run some errands and thought surely he would be fine once we were out and about but nope he was still clingy and crying. I called Cope to see what he thought I should do and we both agreed we should take him to the doctor. So I did a walk in (which I have never done and know they hate) but my kidd was miserable and I had no idea why. Oh and he was holding his neck all morning too. Now Ramsey can tend to be dramatic and was thinking a quick look from the nurse would pacify him and he'd feel better. They got us back very quickly and checked for fever, nope. They looked in his ears, nice. They turned his head and felt his neck and he screamed bloody murder. I mean the whole crying, snotty nose, kicking, I think I'm dying type of thing. The nurse went and got the doctor and she came in to check him out.

They said it could be just a stiff neck but it is unusual in a kid his age and that because of the intense pain it might be something more serious and they said they'd give him some Motrin to see if he felt better and if not we should go to Scottish right for sedation and a cat scan and a possible spinal tap to check for meningitis. Ok, so with that little talk I was in tears too. Ramsey was still screaming. I dosed him with Motrin in the office and quickly got out of there and prayed he would feel better. By the time we got home 10 minutes later he was playing and feeling better. Thank God! He napped like usual and woke up saying his neck was still sore but better. I watched him closely the rest of the day and he was pretty normal. So the nurse called to check on him and we both agreed it was just a sore neck and since he had not had that before it scared him and hurt.

It is so funny how you can be going about your normal life and out of no where be thrown such a scare. I am so thankful for a healthy child. His stiff neck only lasted about 2 days and he is back to his WILD, demanding, wonderful self! Sometimes it is the the little curve balls that make you stop and be thankful for all the normal days.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Jam!

This is Ramsey and his best buddy Ty. You can tell Ty was really into the singing, Ramsey...not so much:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Update

We enjoyed a great weekend sticking close to home and having two of Cope's buddies fly in for a visit. Alex and Brent were both at Ft.Drum and in the same unit with Cope. We were supposed to attend a local event event called Steeplechase on Saturday but waking up to thunderstorms quickly had us come up with a plan B. We headed to my Mom's since they have a finished basement with a pool table, big screen TV and full kitchen. We thought we'd just bring our party there and enjoy staying dry. On the way over to my moms though she called and said her two french bulldogs, Molly and Emma, had somehow escaped and they could no find them. So we knew we should all help so we rode the neighborhood that is HUGE (planned to have 3,000 homes) that my moms property backs up to. By noon Ramsey was falling asleep and so I took him on to my Moms and while he was eating lunch Emma popped up in the front porch window. She had found her way home but Molly was still MIA. So we (especially my mom and Morgan) spent the rest of the day combing the woods, driving around, calling her, clapping, whistling, and praying. By 8pm we decided to head home to get WILD man to bed. I went to bed with my phone next to me hoping they'd call and low and behold at 10:30pm my phone rang and Morgan shouted "we found her!!!". Hallelujah!!!

So that was Saturday's adventure and the rest of the weekend we just chilled and Cope and his buddies did all sorts of Man things like riding four wheelers, canoeing, and kayaking down the Etowah. Oh, and when we had the bad storms on Saturday morning, lighting hit our neighbors house and somehow knocked our Internet (modem and all) out. Oh, and because they got his by lightning 5 firetrucks showed up to check it out. Ramsey was stoked!!!

Other then that we just enjoyed having Cope's buddies here. Cope really does have such nice friends. They we both excellent with Ramsey and we're willing and happy to play trains and cars bright and early each morning. They were such gentlemen and always offered to help me with whatever I was doing. So Brent and Alex you are welcome anytime. Ramsey already misses his buddies.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

St.Simons Part 4

On Saturday night was the actual wedding so we dressed up and headed out. The wedding was at Sea Palms resort. Very nice! Ramsey is actually getting better at sitting still on occasion with lots of talks, snacks, and threats. Even so he started asking questions (loudly) as soon as the wedding started so Cope took him for a stroll until it was over:The handsome groom, Andrew and his beautiful Bride, Crystal:
After the wedding it was on to the reception, which was a seated dinner. Ramsey tried to entertain himself the best he could:
He spotted several little kids dancing and was assessing the situation before diving in:
You can't tame what is meant to be wild. He hit the dance floor with avengence:
We had a great weekend and Ramsey loved every minute of it which is all this Mommy cares about. Thank you to Cope's parents for enjoying the adventure with us.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

St.Simons Part 3

Saturday morning in St.Simons Cope and I slept in since Ramsey decided he wanted to come get in our bed at 5:00am that morning. Cope's parents took him for a walk once the sun came up and they found a great park with a playground.After that we all decided to rent bikes for the day. They even had one with a kids seat so Ramsey was in! He loved it!
The beach ride was the best. Not much better in my mind:
We then rode to town for a lunch break. I could get used to a slower pace in life such as this:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

St.Simons Part 2

When we arrived at St.Simons on Friday afternoon our first destination was a walk to the beach . We were staying in a little rental house about 3 or 4 blocks form the beach so it was an easy walk. Ramsey was super excited as he was looking forward to the "beach" all week long.
Intrigued by the muddy consistency of the sand:

Venturing out with Dad:

Simply taking it all in:
Posing on the rocks. Ramsey just wanted to climb them:

Monday, April 19, 2010

St.Simons Part 1

We headed to St.Simons on Friday for a friend of Cope's family that was getting married. We met up with Cope's parents in Atlanta and from there all rode together down to the beach. It was an easy ride. We first stopped at the dwarf house for lunch as Chic-fil-a is quickly becoming Ramsey's favorite lunch spot. After lunch Ramsey took his nap on the car ride and soon after he woke up Cope declared he needed a potty break so he got off on the next exit and to our surprise this just happened to be a gas station with a small, kid friendly, yet very cool animal place. You could buy a bag of animal food for $1 and then walk over in this pasture and feed the animals.
They had the biggest, prettiest bull I had ever seen. He was so sweet and gentle and just let us throw the food in his mouth.
Ramsey was brave enough to feed the the goats. There was also ducks, geese, and an emu. What a great little stop and of course I also let Ramsey run his little legs off in the big pasture.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Word of the Day


Yep, Ramsey just used the word "actually in a sentence. He found a race car hidden in one of our cabinets and I said "who does that belong to?" and he said "actually, it my car". I said "did you just use the word actually?" and he said "yeah, actually!". I suppose he has overheard it used here are maybe at preschool this morning but it cracks me up and now he is running all over the place saying "actually". You just never know what will come out of this kids mouth from one moment to the next. Thankfully today it is not a "naughty" word.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture Post

Last week we invited Ty over for an afternoon and after they got all yucky at the playground I made them hit the bath:
They had a balst:
This kid loves putting on his daddy's things:
Again, playing in Cope's shoes and just being silly:

Performing his famous "Daddy Top":

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Car Show

Last Saturday night we went with our friends Kelly and Tom and their little boy Ty (who just happens to be Ramsey's BFF) to the car show downtown. You know you are the mother of a little boy when this becomes your Saturday night event. Ramsey loved it!
Cope thought his Dad would appreciate this car:

They had a big slide and yes, that is Ramsey coming down head first:Ramsey is mad b/c we made him get off:
Posing beside Doc Hudson:
This nice lady let Ty sit in her "Race car" :

Friday, April 9, 2010

Your Dog Ate What???

Our little French Bulldog, Bentley has always been a peculiar dog or what we refer to as high maintenance. He has always been a vomiting dog due to what we believe is reflux but over the past month or so he has been vomiting up to 5 times a day. I took him in to the vet and we first tried cough medicine, then another med, but he was still throwing up (more then usual). So I called the vet and they suggested we do some x-rays to make sure he didn't have a mass that was upsetting his stomach. So I drop him off bright and early Monday morning and by 10:00am I get a call from the vet asking if I was missing a sewing needle? Huh, what, No, OMG!!! I knew what he was saying but what I feared most would have to be done. He would need stomach surgery right away. I feared surgery because I used to work at that vet and helped to a small surgery on Bentley to remove a cyst from his eye. I witnessed how he does NOT do well under anesthesia. I gave the go ahead but I truly wasn't sure if B would make it out of surgery or not. I cried, I worried, I prayed and at 1:00pm they called and said Bentley was doing good and was waking from his anesthesia. They were able to remove the entire 1.5 inch needle from his belly. Hallelujah!!!!!

I was able to bring Bentley home the next morning, along with 5 medicines, special food, a 4 inch incision, and a big vet bill. Who cares about the small stuff as long as Bentley is home. It is funny you know, once you have kids the dogs get less of you in the chaos of life. I got a firm reminder that they are family members and life is less when there not around.

Please keep Bentley in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal. Oh, and yes I am keeping better track of my sewing needles these days.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spending the Night at Nama and Papa's

Last Friday night Ramsey spent the night at my Mom and Morgan's. Here are a few pictures from the next morning and proof that grandparents spoil our child rotten. We are so thankful!Here is the race car pancake Nama made him for breakfast. Can you tell she used to be a home ec. teacher?Ramsey admiring their work:Doing a little morning fishing. I love this expression on Ansley's face:Doing a little morning riding too:
This is a picture form Sunday dinner at our house. My mom got Ramsey a Cars chair, a McQueen nightlight, and tons of Cars books. When this kid picks a theme we run with it. Needless to say he loved it all:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with Pops and Donna

After Ramsey's nap on Sunday we wet over to visit with my Dad (Pops) and Donna. They were in town at families house so we went to join in the Easter festivities. The egg hunt began as soon as we pulled up. The other kids had been patiently waiting on WILD man to get there. Ramsey found some cool eggs but was totally satisfied when he got an ambulance car in his prize egg. After the hunt we just all hung out for a bit and let Ramsey run himself to exhaustion.
They had a mule ATV which of course Ramsey loved:

The big kids. Tom, Megan, Paige, Jay, Me, and Cope:
Pops took Ramsey on a joyride and he was grinning the whole time: