Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spending the Night at Nama and Papa's

Last Friday night Ramsey spent the night at my Mom and Morgan's. Here are a few pictures from the next morning and proof that grandparents spoil our child rotten. We are so thankful!Here is the race car pancake Nama made him for breakfast. Can you tell she used to be a home ec. teacher?Ramsey admiring their work:Doing a little morning fishing. I love this expression on Ansley's face:Doing a little morning riding too:
This is a picture form Sunday dinner at our house. My mom got Ramsey a Cars chair, a McQueen nightlight, and tons of Cars books. When this kid picks a theme we run with it. Needless to say he loved it all:

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jill said...

that pancake is adorable!!!! what a talented nama! :)