Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with Pops and Donna

After Ramsey's nap on Sunday we wet over to visit with my Dad (Pops) and Donna. They were in town at families house so we went to join in the Easter festivities. The egg hunt began as soon as we pulled up. The other kids had been patiently waiting on WILD man to get there. Ramsey found some cool eggs but was totally satisfied when he got an ambulance car in his prize egg. After the hunt we just all hung out for a bit and let Ramsey run himself to exhaustion.
They had a mule ATV which of course Ramsey loved:

The big kids. Tom, Megan, Paige, Jay, Me, and Cope:
Pops took Ramsey on a joyride and he was grinning the whole time:

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Erin Duvall said...

looks like yall had a great easter. i love his easter basket. those atv's are great. Ava's Pop has one too and she loves to ride in it.