Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Week Scare

So last Thursday Morning Ramsey woke up crying and saying his neck hurt. I thought he would shake it off once he got up and stated moving and playing but he just wanted to be held and he kept crying. I needed to run some errands and thought surely he would be fine once we were out and about but nope he was still clingy and crying. I called Cope to see what he thought I should do and we both agreed we should take him to the doctor. So I did a walk in (which I have never done and know they hate) but my kidd was miserable and I had no idea why. Oh and he was holding his neck all morning too. Now Ramsey can tend to be dramatic and was thinking a quick look from the nurse would pacify him and he'd feel better. They got us back very quickly and checked for fever, nope. They looked in his ears, nice. They turned his head and felt his neck and he screamed bloody murder. I mean the whole crying, snotty nose, kicking, I think I'm dying type of thing. The nurse went and got the doctor and she came in to check him out.

They said it could be just a stiff neck but it is unusual in a kid his age and that because of the intense pain it might be something more serious and they said they'd give him some Motrin to see if he felt better and if not we should go to Scottish right for sedation and a cat scan and a possible spinal tap to check for meningitis. Ok, so with that little talk I was in tears too. Ramsey was still screaming. I dosed him with Motrin in the office and quickly got out of there and prayed he would feel better. By the time we got home 10 minutes later he was playing and feeling better. Thank God! He napped like usual and woke up saying his neck was still sore but better. I watched him closely the rest of the day and he was pretty normal. So the nurse called to check on him and we both agreed it was just a sore neck and since he had not had that before it scared him and hurt.

It is so funny how you can be going about your normal life and out of no where be thrown such a scare. I am so thankful for a healthy child. His stiff neck only lasted about 2 days and he is back to his WILD, demanding, wonderful self! Sometimes it is the the little curve balls that make you stop and be thankful for all the normal days.


Scott and Katie said...

Having kids can be SO scary! I don't mess around like you. I'm sure the doctors hate me but as soon as my kids have symptoms I take them straight into the office. You hear so many horrior stories I'd rather be safe than sorry. Glad he is better

Brandi Beals said...

So glad he is ok! That is so scary. It does make everything else seem a little less streesful when something like that happens. :)

jill said...

so happy to hear the wild man is back to his cute self!!!! i can only imagine how scared you must've been ... saying prayers for the stiff neck to stay away!