Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Afternoon Adventure

All week we had been promising Ramsey a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium. We've planned to go several times but each day it rolled around someone was sick or something had come up. Low and behold I have been cursed with a stomach bug since last Wednesday that had me completely taken out on Thursday but come Friday I was determined we were going to the Aquarium. If I ended up throwing up in my purse we were going. Cope had to work a half day so Ramsey and I spent the morning entertaining ourselves. Here he is at Lowes playing on the lawn mowers: We met my Mom at Chic-fil-a for lunch and then off to the Aquarium we went. Ramsey took a quick nap on the way there and then we met up with Cope. Here is Ramsey ready to get out of the car and see some fish:

It was super crowded which made it insane. We didn't bring a stroller since Ramsey hates it. But I will give him props because he was really good about holding hands or being carried (most of the time). One Mother even used Ramsey an example of a well behaved child as her kid was going bonkers. That's Right, Thanks to my perfect parenting skills I have the perfect acting child. haha!
Ramsey was little timid at first but quickly warmed up and would say "Hey Fishy" and wave as they passed by:

Ramsey loves to watch other kids and here he is showing off a little: The Aquarium was really neat. It is well layed out but be aware it is CROWDED on Friday afternoons at 2:00. Of course when we got home Ramsey totally wanted to watch Nemo:

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Erin Duvall said...

so much fun. i still haven't gotten ava there yet.