Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

I had the best Mother's day a mommy could have! It started off with a relaxing morning at home and then when we got to church they had free coffee for all the moms. Our church has a coffee bar sort of like Starbucks. Cope got Ramsey down for his nap and I took my my to see a movie. We saw the Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez it was cute but certainly wait until it come out on video. After that my Dad came over for a visit and then we took Ramsey over to my Sister's and her boyfriend Jay's house. They volunteered to babysit so Cope could take me out to a great dinner. We went to the Melting Pot which is a fondue resteraunt. It was DELICIOUS! It is my favorite place but this time it was better then ever! We ate till we couldn't move and then rolled out to go get the WILD man. Oh, and Cope also gave me sweet card with a target gift card and mani/pedi gift card. I was certainly treated very well and I enjoyed every minute of the day.

I love Mother's Day but more importantly I love being Ramsey's mommy. It is certainly not a glamorous job but who cares, I AM HAPPY!!! Being Ramsey's mom has brought me joy beyond measure. He has made me so much more at peace in life. He challenges me beyond my limits, he makes me want to check in to the mental place at least once a week, but then he'll do or say something cute and it is those moments that all is right and I know I am exactly where I am meant to be. I love our WILD man beyond comprehension and I thank God I am his Mommy every single day. What a treat!!!

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Erin Duvall said...

Sounds like a fun mothers day. So is your sister living in Georgia now.