Friday, May 7, 2010

Thinking about my Mom

Mother's day makes me thankful to be a Mommy to Ramsey but it also makes me appreciate my own mom that much more. She is really just the BEST! Seriously, telling her "thank you" for all that she does is simply not enough. Here are just a few examples of the sweet things she does for me on a daily basis:

-She happily watches Ramsey 2 afternoons a week so I can sew.

-She does lots of my applique designs, she does all my business print work, she is also the best "creative team" and comes up with really great ideas for my business.

-She loves Ramsey so much and he loves her. He told me just the other day "Nama is my friend".

-She is there anytime I need to talk. She will drop whatever she is doing to help me or listen. Just last week I had a stomach bug and she can to get Ramsey for the whole day so I could rest and get better.
-Oh, and did I mention she and Morgan let Ramsey and I stay with them for for over a year while Cope was deployed and they opened their home to me, a newborn, and our two doggies. Seriously, if that isn't love I'm not sure what is?

She has no idea what a comfort she is to me. I think about how much she does for me and it is quite daunting to think that once you become a parent it is truly a life long commitment. I just hope as Ramsey grows up he can always depend on me the way I can count on my Mom. She has given me an amazing example to follow and I am so thankful for her love and friendship everyday. More the her just being my mom she is a neat person too. She has fun ideas and even if she wasn't my Mom I would most definitely want to be around her. She one of those people you just want to be you best self around.

Thanks Mom for your love and support and I thank God everyday I was chosen to be your daughter. It is something I appreciate every single day. Happy Mother's Day!!!