Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mommy and Son Photos

A friend of mine who is a photographer was running a Mother's Day photo shoot special and as a little treat to myself I jumped on the chance. So a few weeks ago we met her out at our local park and did this little shoot in less then 30 minutes. Ramsey is such a little trooper these days for pictures and is really cooperative unless he does his fake smile thing. For the most part he was easy peasy though! I can't wait to get one framed for a forever keepsake!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cope's 32nd Birthday Party

Last Friday we celebrated Cope's 32nd Birthday with a game night at our house. We had 3 rounds of inside games (Taboo, Scatergories, and dice game called Greedy) and then the top winner of those got to go outside for a grand finale game of Corn Hole. There were prizes for each winner of the mini games of lottery ticket and the grand prize winner got a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Most everyone brought their A-Game and the final winners were Josh and Ryan. It was close and super fun. Sometimes all you need for a good evening is food, friends, and games!

Happy Birthday to Cope! We have been together 11 years and I can truly say I feel like one lucky girl to be doing life with such a wonderful partner.

Greedy Table:
 Ramsey got in on the action:
 Scatergories concentration:
 A slight break in the Taboo room:
 Cake Time! I got the chocolate Ganash cake from Publix. Holla!
 Make a wish babe!:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Visiting the Steeds

This past weekend we took a little weekend trip to Pinehurst, NC to visit Cope's sister Julie and her family. Derrick (Julie's hubby) is in the Air Force so they move around lots and we usually only get to see them once during the summer and once at Christmas. That will just not do because Ramsey LOVES his cousins Mattie and Caroline so much! he talks about them ALL the time and always ask when he can play with them again. 
So, we made it to North Carolina Friday afternoon and Ramsey and the girls played, played, and played some more. Actually I hardly saw Ramsey the whole weekend. He was busy. We mostly hung around their house which was nice and relaxing. We ate some great food and mostly just caught up on each others lives. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Cope playing with the kids in the front yard:
 Caroline and Ramsey playing:
 Derrick Cooking:
 Cope blowing out a candle for an early Birthday celebration:
 Ramsey and Caroline:
 Mattie and Pirate Ramsey:
 Gun and headdress:

 Getting Ready to play rock band:
 Ramsey on the mic and Mattie on drums:
 The guys Jammin'
 Mouth covered in chocolate from his ice cream sandwich:

Monday, May 14, 2012

End of the Year Program at Pre-K

Ramsey and his buddy Ty:

 On Stage! In this first picture you can see Ramsey sitting indian style:
He had a great school year and we are so thankful we have found a place that is such a great fit and cares so much for our kiddo. Looking forward to a great year next year and fun filled summer in the meantime!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of The year School Party

This past Tuesday Ramsey had his end of the school year party at our favorite party place Devil Rays gymnastics center! It was just for his class of 14 so the kids had the huge place all to themselves. They also had a chic-fil-a lunch. We have loved his entire class this year. They are all such good buddies and Mrs.Rosemary their teacher is exceptional! I could almost cry about how much we'll miss her. Thankfully most of his classmates will be around for their Pre-k year next year but they will just have a different teacher. I am so thankful for Sam Jones pre-k and how much we love it. it is a great fit for Ramsey! Here are some pics from the party:

Ramsey and his buddy JT:
 Jumping on the trampoline:
 Wall climbing:
 Go Ramsey:
 Playing in the pit:
 Little Monkey:
 Ramsey and Harper Cole:
 Lunch Time:
 His whole class:
 Cute gifts for the kiddos from the parents:
 Everyone playing on the slide:
 Sweet Boy:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Soccer Game of The Season

Saturday morning was Ramsey's last soccer game of the season. He has really enjoyed playing and has gotten pretty good as the season went along. As he would say "I am  pretty crappy" he meant to say the word "scrappy" but got mixed up. He is an intense little player and never once complained or wanted to sit out. As his parents we were most proud of his positive attitude. here are a few pics from his last game:

 After the game they has a little ceremony with pizza and cake and trophies. Kids at this age think a trophy is pretty much the best thing ever! He was so proud:
 His team. You can tell he he is one of the smaller kiddos: